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Social Media Can Help You Stand Out In 2014

We love a bit of social networking, who doesn’t? It seems nobody, as social media seems set to change the digital marketing world in 2014.

Are you fascinated by Facebook? Do you really like to be LinkedIn? Well, it seems that you’re not alone in the marketing world. 2013 saw real growth in the social media world, with a huge number of marketers beginning to realise the potential of the many different platforms available to them.

Now we know stats like “posts on Facebook get 53% more likes” and “43% of marketers found a customer via LinkedIn”, there’s certainly proof that the social media game is one that you really want to be playing. But you need to think tactics first.

How Can You Leverage Social Media?

It’s important to consider your brand, and its proposition. After all, if you’re a retail brand selling fashionable clothes you don’t want to be posting about the future of clothing manufacture being paper on LinkedIn (a silly example perhaps, but I’ve heard more ridiculous things). You want to be showing potential customers the amazing stuff they can buy from you, and how great it all looks.

Lucky for you there’s a massive variety of platforms to interact with, whether you are in the retail game or something completely different. If you want to create a lot of visual content for users to really drum up some excitement about your brand, or just keep your customers up to date with your services, there’s sure to be a site to suit you.

Get Interactive With Your Audience

It’s not just about posting lovely pictures and interesting articles though, you need to let your customer know that you’re really there. But this way of ‘social listening’ is not as simple as just responding to mentions of your brand, you need to ensure that the mentions are positive and that you provide a response that really builds connections.

Social listening can also be achieved through interactive content. This could come in the form of surveys, quizzes, or even fancy CSS3 Infographics; whatever floats your boat really. These fantastic tools can help to really show your audience that you are taking the time to consider what they might need, rather than just pushing out what you think they want.

New Ways To Use Social Media

Digital advertising can be off putting to a consumer, however, more and more marketers are using social advertisements to deliver targeted messaging to their consumers. It’s all about starting small and taking the time to understand what works for your business with this. After all, 57% of marketers surveyed by Social Media Examiner must have found some return from the service to continue to use it.

Social platforms are also delivering new ways to enable marketers to engage with their customers. LinkedIn for example are soon dispensing with their products and services pages in lieu of their new baby - Showcase pages. Up to ten of these seperate pages can be implemented to enable followers to get the updates they want from different areas of your company. They can even help to give you new rankings in search, something we have seen with our own clients.

Twitter have also been looking to develop their business offering. Within their advertising service they may soon be including a ‘click to call’ option, something that could not only help customers get in contact with the services they need more quickly, but improve lead generation for marketers. Needless to say, we were excited when we heard.

The Future Of Social Media

Social platforms are becoming more like a virtual marketplace than ever, with companies vying for the attention of potential customers as they peruse the online world. You want to ensure that your voice isn’t lost in all the noise.

It has now become essential for many businesses in a whole host of industries to have some form of social media presence, if only to keep up with their competitors. This form of digital content marketing is fluid and can really achieve results - just keep them talking about you.