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Social Media Marketing Case Study: Santa Paws 2014

Santa Paws 2014 campaign raised a total of £450,000 for less fortunate pets. Read about Selesti's social media strategy which supported this great cause -

Never one to turn down the opportunity to raise funds for charity, this Christmas we used our Social Media Marketing and development expertise to help Support Adoption For Pets' appeal to buy Christmas dinners for less fortunate pets. 100% of the money raised was passed on to local rehoming and rescue centres across the UK and the campaign ran from the 1st December until Christmas Eve.

Justine Quirk, Communications and Partnership Executive at Support Adoption For Pets, said, “Each year, we run our Santa Paws campaign, a yearly fundraising drive in December in association with Pets at Home, to raise money for less fortunate pets.

We approached Selesti to help us utilise our growing fan-base on social media to build awareness around the campaign and drive donations directly via Facebook.”

We began by setting up a custom Facebook donation app which interfaced with the charity’s JustGiving page. Animal lovers were given the choice of donating three pre-set amounts, or choosing a custom amount, which would then be processed safely and securely via the JustGiving API.

If you’re a Pets at Home customer, you’ll most likely have seen Santa Paws signage asking for a 50p donation, rather than three, five or seven pounds. So why did we ask for higher donations? From our research, it was clear that after adding the costs of the promoted Facebook posts, 50p left a very slim margin for donations to be passed on to rescue centres. As a result, we advised raising the donation amount to a larger, yet still reasonable amount.

landing page santa paws




Just giving - Support Adoption For Pets


With the Facebook tab design in place, the next step was to drive traffic to it. We targeted pet lovers, drawing them to the app with a series of social ads targeted towards different personas, such as cats and kittens for cat lovers, dogs and puppies for dog fans, rabbits for rabbit owners and so on, using Facebook’s advanced targeting options.

Support Adoption For Pets  Facebook


We also supported the campaign with blog content and a campaign with Google Ad Grants, the non-profit edition of Google Adwords Pay Per Click marketing.

On top of this, our Selesti search team worked closely with Support Adoption For Pets to devise an engaging social strategy to generate buzz around the fundraising drive. Pet owners were asked nicely to print off a Santa Paws donation certificate, encourage their pets to pose with it, then share on Facebook and Twitter tagging in Support Adoption For Pets and #SantaPaws.  This also made use of JustGiving’s Text Giving service, ensuring animal lovers had several choices of how to make their donation. We received a huge amount of entries, including cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, fish, a bearded dragon and even a jumping spider!

SAFP Facebook Santa Paws

All the best entries were then compiled into a special thank you video, which we released on Christmas Day on the Support Adoption For Pets Facebook page and received a great reception from pet owners!

Santa paws Christmas video


So how did we do?

In total, the campaign reached 257,000 people over the 24 days, which generated a 195% ROI, with all the proceeds being passed on to local pet rescue centres. On top of this, new page likes were generated - 8,660 of them, helping the brand build relationships with new fans.


Facebook Stats


This appeal was also successful in reaching a very large proportion of existing fans, ensuring that supporters of the charity were able to keep up to date with the fundraising drive. As a result, the vast majority of fans engaged with the page during the promotion, helping to generate an ROI on the brand’s previous work to boost its fan base.

Facebook statistics

Over all, the Santa Paws 2014 campaign raised a total of £450,000 for less fortunate pets. Justine Quirk, Communications and Partnership Executive at Support Adoption For Pets, believes the digital side of the campaign was a great success. “Selesti’s work not only helped to create buzz around the fundraising drive, it also helped us earn additional donations directly via Facebook and Text Giving, as well as expanding our audience on social media.

We’re looking forward to working with Selesti on our next fundraising drive in the spring!”