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Supercharged Day #6 – Christmas Special LIVE!

19:06pm – Pub!

A Supercharged tradition is to invade a local pub and celebrate the winner’s idea and everyone’s involvement throughout the day.  Third place ‘Age of Agencies’ was so popular, we played it for the whole night, down the pub!



16:55pm – Winner Announced!

Everyone has pitched and demo’d their game ideas and now it’s time for the vote.

One vote each, for everyone’s favourite idea.  By a whisker, Jamie, Victoria, Matt & Katie win with their game, now rebranded ‘Cluster Fun’!  Well done team!

The renaming was suggested as there are so many elements to the game, it’s hard to keep up, but lots of fun playing it!




Age of Agencies team are in a final practice run!





Kate is taking to her design role really well!  She’s created a last minute addition to their game, a ‘Grinch Bomb’ which their Donald Trump character drops instead of presents.





Tom and Emily are writing up How to Play on the whiteboard, they’ve called their game ‘Age of Agencies’.





Here’s a glimpse of Gift Corp’s game Santa vs Donald Trump!  Pay special attention to Donald’s hair…




What a day it’s been.  The teams are frantically trying to get their games ready to demo at 4pm sharp!  They will showcase them to the other teams who will vote for their favourite.

A queue is forming at the printer, panic is setting in within some teams who haven’t fully completely their boards or the rules!  Good luck to all, looking forward to the demos!



100 minutes to before the teams have to show everyone their games. Scores are made on how playable it is, how addictive, how fun and most creative! It’s the final push to get their games shipshape before it gets scrutinised by the other teams!


The Agency game is taking up a fair bit of space to get it right, looks good, team!


8 bit pixel version of Donald Trump riding a sled, a lot left to do to get the game play working!


The Tally team have the makings of their playing board, printing out the final parts to it as we speak.  I can hear monkey noises coming from them, who knows what this game will bring!


Categories are all set, Rich and Clare completing their questions and are confident of winning!  We’ll let the other teams decide by casting their votes!




All teams have been working hard to get their games in great shape!  It’s lunchtime with amazing pizza supplied by Voodoo Daddy.  We’ve ordered in some Naga Chilli Heatgrenade sauce to up the ante, nobody was brave enough to order The Deathstar Pizza…




Gift Corp are coding like mad and have a working prototype already!  Fairly basic at the moment, but allows you to move around the screen using a controller.  Facing quite a big challenge to get this working in time with 4.5hrs to go!






Clare and Rich have decided upon a Movie Trivia game which involves working your way around the board and performing challenges based upon the colour you land on.  Seven categories which include humming a theme tune, answering questions, drawing the answer etc.  Looking forward to seeing the board and gameplay demo’d later today!





The Tally team are developing their board, creating an elaborate design which stacks up like a wedding cake!  Unfortunately not edible, but I hear they may have some eating challenges as part of their game.





Emily, Tom, Seb and Owen are tweaking the gameplay by playing their game, over and over.  Some amusing cards and challenges being read out as part of the gameplay!  They’ve even created an app element into the game with a banking calculator which can be used to pitch, buy resource and steal from your opponents.





Gift Corp are wading into some pixel graphics and creating vectors for their web based game.  Kate, who has no design experience has created their first Santa graphic.   Their game is a two-player, head to head challenge.  Can’t wait to have a go!

The Agency team are in full-swing, playing their game already!  They want to try as many scenarios as possible to determine the best gameplay.

Tally team have been seen performing jumps and spins around the office! Their game is looking physical!  They say it will have mystery, mental challenges and lots of twists and turns.  I’ve seen them playing a round of ‘vegetables’ where you have to say a vegetable in turn without showing your teeth.  It’s looking like a big variety of ideas, yet to see what their board is going to look like!  Making good use of Trello to categorise their ideas.

Trump Trump have had a complete change of plan!  Their original idea is in the bin, but they’re keeping the game name!  Clare is mapping out their playing board, who knows where this is heading!


All teams have headed into their HQ areas work on their ideas, let me introduce them…


Clare and Rich running the roost today with two of their team out of action.  They are full of confidence with their idea which is a spin on the popular Top Trumps game with everyone’s favourite Republican, Donald Trump.  Can’t wait to see how this turns out!



Emily, Seb, Tom and Owen have a grand idea to create a game as a start-up digital agency.  The aim of the game is to end the game with the most money possible.  They will be throwing in challenges all agencies face!  Looks like a fun idea!


Matt, Katie, Vic and Jamie have a big idea for a family game with lots of twists and turns.  It will incorporate lots of games within the game itself, which will never be the same twice!  They’ve bought some skipping ropes in, this could be interesting…



Kate, Shaun and Mark are ditching the scissors, glue and tap and going entirely electronic!  I sat with them to find out their idea and they’d already created a scope and technical doc to code up their game!  Mark and Shaun have some experience coding games, but they will be up against it to have working code by the end of the day!  Kate our Office Manager is creating some funky pixel game objects, Good luck!


Our last Supercharged Day of the year, so we’ve made it a special one!

Remember the last day at school before breaking up for Christmas, where you could bring toys in? We play games like this on our Christmas Party day too, which is all day 22nd December.  Well the brief for our last Supercharged Day of the year is to invent a new game to play! With (nearly) everyone rocking the Christmas jumper, it’s set to be a great day.

The idea is that the winning game will be played at our Christmas Party, winning that game at the party will mean points to that team!

4 teams have had 2 weeks to plan and prepare for today’s Supercharged challenge.  We’ve equipped them with card, glue, felt, dice, blank cards, spinners, fake money, sand timers, pawns and props to make their games come to life.

The team that has the most addictive, fun gameplay will win.  We can’t wait to try all four team’s games over the next few days!

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