Supercharged Day #7!

3:25 pm – 35 minutes until presentations!

Finishing touches, questioning their ideas, getting concepts ready, practicing the pitch and anticipating what tricky questions will be asked; everyone is powering through the presentations hoping their idea gets the most votes at the end of the day!






3:00 pm – 1 hour to go!

Such an impressive effort by all teams.  So many improvements and ideas which are what Supercharged Days are all about!  Can’t wait for the presentations!





13:53 pm 

Just in the nick of time!  Lovely pizza’s by Brick Norwich, we love to keep it independent and local for Supercharged Day lunches.



13:35 pm 

Pizza delivery needed soon!  Lots of hungry Supercharged brains!  A really organised delegation of tasks from Vic’s team, looking forward to see how they refine their idea for presentation at 4pm.



13:04 pm 

Some cracking infographics from Seb, conveying how their ideas will improve the whole process.



12:53 pm Owen’s team really going to town on improving meter readings, he’s even created an app which geolocates!


12:33 pm 

Sophie from Team One giving Emily an overview of a vastly improve dashboard for customers.  They want to improve the whole UX and have grand plans for how to achieve this with SMS…


12:23 pm 

Teams swapping areas to work in and planning how they carry out tasks for the rest of the day.  25 pizza’s ordered to keep the ideas flowing before presentations at 4pm!



Team Three have eliminated a few of their early ideas because of logistical and storage reasons, all part of the process!  Owen is working on some prototypes whilst Clare is scamping up some UX improvements and ordering Pizza!



Team Two have split into two groups.  James loves his whiteboard, so much so he’s taken it on a walk!  He and Kate are going to map out the customer journey and processes to make sure they capture weak  spots!


Emily, Matt P and Seb are wireframing the dashboard view, optimising it for best UX possibilities!




Team one are finessing their ideas and working out whats feasible.  Their OCR idea is becoming problematic, so are focussing their efforts on a simpler approach.  Susie and Sophie coming up with some improved UX!



10:39am – Team Four!

Victoria, Katy, James, Shaun and Rich have been busy little beavers!  A heap of great ideas and a potentially controversial new direction…


10:23am – Coding, already!

Owen is coding already!  Do the other teams need to worry?  It will be impressive to see a prototype by 4pm when all teams present to each other.


10:12am – Team Three

Powering through ideas to help with customer onboarding.  Clare, Andy, Owen and Makr getting down to the nitty gritty on how much value targeting different clients will bring.  Is it feasible, cost savings, higher retention – all great questions these guys are asking and working through!  Not sure what Owen is doing here…


9:54am – Team Two

Nicely settled on the sofa’s; James, Kate, Emily C, Matt P and Seb are flying through some really focussed improvement ideas!  They are thinking cost effective and simple is the best approach.  Points earned for best use of whiteboard so far!  Will they be tempted to a game of Foosball….?


9:45am – Team One

Susie, Jamie, Chris and Matt are getting insider info from Emily.  Sophie their other team member from Indigo Swan is joining the team this afternoon.  Some good UX ideas coming along!



9:29am – Team Hustings!

All four teams are gathered in their HQ’s for the day.  We’ll leave them be for a while to get to grips with their ideas.





8:54am – Warming up!

Our first Supercharged Day of 2016 kicks off in 5 minutes!

Today we invite our good pals, Indigo Swan to join us for the day.  We have 4 teams today, with a swan joining each of them.  Emily Groves, the founder of Indigo Swan will be helping me (Ollie) give the teams guidance, facilitate and judge at the end of the day.

We’ll be Supercharging with Indigo Swan for Indigo Swan!  Loads of ideas flying around!

Teams will be tucking into their breakfast to power them up for the day, provided it doesn’t get blown away.

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