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Ten Techies Tapping (their keyboards)

Today we’re celebrating our award winning web design and development team, for the 10th day of our Christmas celebrations!

We don’t outsource our work, it’s a point of pride for us. Why? Many reasons. We’ve invested in building an in-house team at Selesti HQ who can deliver award winning work from creation of brands through comprehensive builds onto optimising a digital product post launch.Ten peeps occupy the seats in the engine room of our studio casting some of the web development magic and we thought we’d touch on those guys in today’s post.

The web development expertise that we have down one side of our open plan office provides us a great deal of freedom with our projects that we would never have otherwise, and also security when we need it most. The team can break out into different tables, lounge on sofas, or play a ‘friendly’ game of table football, all to get their creative juices flowing in the right direction - towards even better digital creations.

All of this creative tomfoolery is nothing without a technical lead in place to communicate with the whole room, and that’s what we have in the form of Jamie Cotton our head of development. We then also appoint project leads for each job in the studio, so there's one brain across the scope that everyone else can refer to (in addition to the PM in Client Services). Version control software is all well and good, but having leadership on top of this is essential. With this level of control over the development process we can ensure that every bit of work going through our studio is up to the standards our clients have come to expect.

The client services team also benefits from the plethora of development geniuses available to them just across the room. And they’ll all be there when expected, with no non-UK holidays thrown into the mix to confuse everyone. They just have to cope with the embarrassment when they are told it’s “user error”....

It’s not just about  being control freaks though, security is also better when you bring your technical resource within the four walls of your office. No one can get at our data unless we want them to, hence why we’re ISO accredited and can happily say that we adhere to all data protection laws. We are also able to keep our own hard graft secure, by stamping our own special seal onto our websites so they can’t be copied or sold on again.

Everything we learn on a project then strengthens our team members’ knowledge and helps the next client we serve, as we grow better, faster and smarter with each new build we turn out, rather than a third party getting that benefit.

We’re open minded, both internally and when working with other agencies. We have weekly huddles where front enders and database devils are encouraged to put forward new techniques and technologies they’ve seen boasted about elsewhere for us to put them to use in the next suitable creation. There is a new “Selesti way” of doing at least one thing pretty much every month.

Likewise when there’s a specific requirement that we know a friendly agency or consultant specialise in, we openly invite their input for the good of the project and to maximise the Return On Investment for our client. We’re always open about this, and usually get our team to work alongside and auxiliary experts so that what’s learnt can be spread throughout our team for next time.

Control, creative freedom, and security aside; having ten digital dudes (and dudettes) sharing office space with the client services team means a better sense of team spirit. Nothing beats bringing a project to completion on time and on scope as one unit, something that we will be keen to celebrate with a few pints come the Christmas party!

We’re award winning for many reasons, but we know we wouldn’t be anywhere without the benefits of our web development team being close at hand, our gift to you on the tenth day of Selesti’s Christmas celebrations! Here’s the song so far if you’ve tuned in late (shame on you):

Ten - Techies Tapping

Nine - Apps 'appening

Eight - years o' trading

Seven – Billion Ideas

Six – Space Hoppers Hopping

Five - Dragons judging

Four - search marketing gurus

Three - charities supported

Two - thousand, seven hundred and sixteen followers 

One - Stand-Out Agency