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The Emergency Planning Society Appoint Selesti

Selesti have been appointed as digital agency for The Emergency Planning Society, successfully pitching for the business in an international field.
The first requirement is a thorough redesign and development job to replace their existing website, and deliver a raft of new features, many of which have become specialities of Selesti in the last few years; including a Continuous Professional Development training system, as well as events booking and management.  The project will else see significant E-Commerce developments, SEO and our creative direction on all of their digital output.
We will be using our experience in planning, designing and user testing this functionality with publishing giant Schofield and the NHS, both of whom we continue to develop and scope solutions for in these areas.
Full details of this first project will be reported further into its lifecycle, suffice to say we're delighted to have been granted the opportunity to work with the organisation and look forward to helping them improve the experience of their thousands of members, from the information they can share throughout their community to the way they interact and communicate with each other.
The Emergency Planning Society was formed in 1993 The Society, its branches and its various groups organise conferences, workshops, working parties, studies and seminars to examine emergency planning practice and experience, and to develop advice on good practice. Information and reports are disseminated throughout the emergency planning community.
Visit their current site here:www.the-eps.org