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The Selesti Blog facelift rumours are TRUE!

It was the talk of tinseltown at the Oscars this weekend, everyone could see our blog has had some work done. We’re confident you can’t see the scars though –

Take a look for yourself. Just don’t ask it to frown.

Our blog’s new image won’t compromise its performance though, delivering to you blockbuster offerings in the genres of development, SEM and social media that will hopefully bring a smile and give you the odd tidbit of new industry info. OKay, so it may indulge some more art house ramblings from the staff here at Selesti time to time, as well as confessions of the reality of working in an award winning digital agency (SPOILER ALERT: we eat a lot of Tunnocks Tea Cakes).

So if you want to send our blog some fanmail (keep it clean please), or want to discover what a digital agency can do for you, please do give us a call.