UKFAST Spotlight on Selesti

Selesti\'s award-winning website Holden Mobility has been showcased in the UKFAST monthly newsletter under the flattering title of "How to build a functional website".

UKFAST judged the site as having the best functionality and lists reasons why Selesti\'s design is one to be followed by those wishing to develop a website which is inclusive and enables users from all backgrounds to have the best possible access to the internet.

This believe this is testament commitment to not only adhering to webstandards but seeking to create sites which are utterly intuitive, engaging and easy to use, irrelevant of the web literacy or any impairment of site visitors.

Holden Mobility showcases mobility products for disabled drivers and passengers. The products include car conversions and adaptations to accommodate wheelchair users as drivers and passengers.

Not only does the site make the most of highlighting the products through engaging design, it also offers a number of options for disabled users to experience the site without problems.

Selesti\'s pointers to enhance functionality:

  1. Give users the ability to change the text size, colours and contrast of the fonts on the site, this feature helps visually impaired users navigate the site.
  2. Help users who are unable to use a keyboard or mouse with screen readers which attempt to identify and interpret what is being displayed on the screen.
  3. Have a clearly defined navigation – a structure with an easy to understand navigation allows users to easily reach all the information of the website.
  4. Provide prominent links to products, brochure requests or video show-reels so customers are able to take their product enquiry further.
  5. Use pictures and dynamic content, as well as text descriptions or text only versions.

Your website is most likely to be the first contact that your have with potential customers so it\'s important to make sure it\'s easy to read and use.