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UX-guessed It, We're Awesome!

Recently we got a bit of a surprise in the form of a UX report on one of our sites (a check of their User Experience for those not in the know). What didn’t shock us quite as much was that we came through with flying colours, achieving some serious kudos for how the website we had built for US gastro-celebrity Chef Geoff was designed.

On average we scored 9/10 on their scale of how likely the testers would be to recommend our lovely site - well, 8.71/10, but you don’t see the Strictly judges giving out decimal points do you? The questions gave them the opportunity to voice their frustrations on how the navigation works, and offer up any improvements along with what they thought were the site’s best bits.

We have seen a number of different answers from the anonymous testers, but there were a couple of gems that stood out for us, making all the hard work we put into all our sites worth it. For example, when asked what frustrated them most, two answers that came back were: “Nothing frustrated me about it. It was easy to navigate.” and “I am unable to say that anything frustrated me...I really liked the site.” - lovely stuff.

This gives us even more confidence as we move forward into 2014, especially given our know-it-all prevarications about web design this January, we’re chuffed to see our opinion on what is best is largely agreed with. Getting an, albeit unexpected, look at how users interact with one of our web projects also helps us to hone our (already pretty perfect) digital skills to ensure that we give our clients the best web platforms for their visitors or customers.

So if you’re looking for a new website designed by an award-winning (and very highly thought of) digital agency, give us a shout today!