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Watch our Supercharged Hack Day LIVE!

We’re delighted to be working on our 4th Supercharged Hack Day today!

A last minute curveball has been thrown in for teams who were initially working on ideas for a restaurant chain.  We decided to give everyone a new direction to create ideas to supercharge a client’s social media campaign.

With the past Supercharged Days a resounding success, the entire team are raring to go at a packed day of ideas, prototyping and brainstorming to present to everyone this afternoon.

Live updates will be shared with you via this blog, our Facebook and Twitter.

9:30am: Brainstorming the brief!

The brief is with the 4 teams while they munch on their breakfast baps!  Each have headed off into the headquarters to nail down some solid ideas to supercharge a Social Media campaign!

Teams have been asked to create example content for all 3 channels: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, maybe show content calendars for all for 1 week

  • The strategy you would use to grow our following and increase engagement with our content
  • Costs for social media management per month
  • Costs for social media advertising per month
  • Any case studies you have that are similar to the objectives that we wish to meet (growing communities and increasing engagement)
  • Other ideas and channels to market through
  • Innovative ways to generate campaigns
  • Ideas and strategies which are transferable to other clients and projects


10:17am: Team Ideas

All four teams are coming up with some great ideas.


Katy, Emily and Clare are doing great research into target audiences in order to create their campaign content.  They are keen to create an edgier campaign with some brave ideas, all will be revealed soon they tell me!



Shaun, Tom and Seb have a ton of great ideas which they are refining as we speak.  They are looking at how to engage with schools and trade customers and ways to create content that will build a following.  Their strategy looks for a more integrated approach to avoid any confusion across channels.


Matt R, Matt P, Mark and Kate working on some ideas which focus around using the technology of the product to engage with the audience.  Some really interesting ideas which will be showcased later today!  One idea is to piggyback forthcoming film releases into the campaign!


Owen, Chris and Richard are looking at how best to use social engagement to ensure there is an end goal.  They too are looking at the Education sector and posed the idea they could partner with 7BillionIdeas who run amazing education programmes across the UK.  They want to simplify the current social media presence and consolidate accounts for a better uplift.

More details to follow!


11:19am: Updates

Teams are honing in on specific tasks, 3 ideas being created by Seb, Tom and Shaun who are creating infographics using tools like Canva.com

Clare, Katy and Emily working hard on their ideas, setting up campaigns within Facebook and refining their audience reach.  They have identified new markets which could be targeted with some great campaign ideas!

Kate, Mark, Matt P and Matt R smashing through more innovative experiential ideas that could go viral.

Owen, Richard and Chris going back to basics and working on a strategy which underpins the entire campaign.



Kate, Mark, Matt P and Matt R have come up with some amazing ideas which will involve schools from all corners of the globe interacting with each other in real-time.  It will also allow members of the public to interact with the schools via booths at key venues such as the Science Museum.

All teams are working on costs and the finer details of their proposals to present to everyone at the end of today!



Shaun is working on their team’s ideas using Piktochart for rapid creation of graphics.  Their ideas focus on promoting product benefits which are unsung in terms of the time and money it can save the buyer.



Rich and Owen producing some visuals for their campaign ideas, they aim to increase engagement via competitions and content which will appeal to teachers and lecturers…




Matt R is looking into the logistics of where schools around the world can be targeted.  Their team have a big idea to involve 10 schools in different continents, can’t wait to see how they plan to roll this campaign out and their estimate of costs and ROI forecast.




Clare is creating a presentation using eMaze,  a great tool for cloud based presentations.  Emily and Katy are looking into YouTube channels that may want to review products and promote to their followers, so interesting ideas coming from the girls!



13:30pm: LUNCH!!

No stopping the teams, a working lunch of delicious pizza provided by Paolo’s Italian!   Tom is munching on a slice while mocking up another team idea in UXPin, a nifty tool to help create interfaces.  The new idea is all about showing off the cool product features specific to school curriculum, making teacher’s jobs easier!



13:41pm: Clare, Kate & Emily

The girls are busy in the meeting room mocking up blog content and social media feeds ready for their presentation.  Their idea is aimed at gamers and men who love gadgets and tech!  Some great ideas and visuals so far.



13:46pm: Shaun & Seb

Shaun is creating scamps which Seb is using in his video production.  It’s great to see team members working on tasks outside of their normal day jobs! Supercharged Days are all about people working outside their comfort zone, developers designing, designers creating marketing ideas and teams mixed up so everyone gets to lead on different skill sets.  Extra points are awarded to teams who carry out new tasks and get a better understanding of new software and processes we can all learn from.


15:09pm: Less than an hour to go!

All teams are polishing off their presentations, costs, plans and ideas ready to showcase them to the whole team.  Some teams using Prezi, others opting for a combination of Keynote and video or eMaze.  Below, the girl’s team are being very thorough with costs and research stats to back up their ideas.


15:27pm: Tom, Seb and Shaun

With 30 minutes left, these guys are finessing their ideas and working on answers they anticipate the other teams to ask them during the presentation.  The Q&A session will follow each team’s presentation to allow people to suggest new ideas and make sure all angles are covered.



15:30pm: Matt R, Mark, Kate and Matt P

A great team effort finalising their presentation, roles about who presents being divvied up so people who don’t normally speak in public are given the opportunity to showcase their ideas.



15:52pm: Owen, Rich and Chris

Last minute run through before the 4pm deadline!  These guys have produced a very sexy presentation, but will the content and ideas be enough to win??



15:54pm: Round Up!

Today as been all about digital marketing and social media ideas.  The past Supercharged Days have focused on apps and development ideas too, it’s been great to see teams thinking in different ways about how we can Supercharge a project.

4 teams are minutes away from presenting to us all.  I’ll be awarding points for presentation, the ideas, how transferable they are, people undertaking new tasks they don’t normally do, questions asked at the presentations and also offer each person a vote for their favourite team.  Good luck teams!


16:04pm: Presentation Time

All teams are finished rehearsing their pitches.  We all gathered around the sofa area to see what each team had to offer!

Girl Power: Clare, Katy and Emily
Had an idea to venture into a more challenging market place, targeting a male audience into gaming and hi-tech gadgets.  Some interesting ideas coming from their team which highlighted competitor marketing strategies we could use.  They came up with an edgy marketing idea around #showusyourmancave which encouraged people to send photos of their gaming, home cinema, sheds, garages, attics and rooms.  Their presentation covered a fair amount of content and ideas with some interesting questions coming from the audience.


Power of Greyskull: Seb, Shuan and Tom
Shaun stepped up to present their team’s ideas.  One was to consider giving products personality, rather than just a model number.   Another was to focus in on the product benefits and specification and compare these stats with how much time these could be used to do other things and save your organisation.  Another idea is to create videos and content which is available to teachers to help them with school curriculum. Shaun is normally heads down in development and rarely presents, which was great to see him taking in his stride, albeit with a can of stout for courage.


Power Ballads: Matt P, Matt R, Kate and Mark
A very impressive idea which involved creating a space at a busy public space where children could interact with other children in realtime around the world.  It’s all about inspiring the next generation.  Children could see a live video of their counterpart and draw each other on a digital whiteboard.  Their images would be saved and shared through social channels.  A very big idea which could be brilliant!


Power Shower: Owen, Rich and Chris
These guys took a while to come up with an idea but managed to really focus their efforts and deliver a really good presentation.  Their idea is to encourage children in schools to nominate for their favourite teacher for ‘Best Teacher’ with the prize being a suite of digital goodies being kitted out at the winning school.   Children (with approval from parents) would post videos and photos about their teacher and why they should win.  A more traditional competition approach for this team, but with a digital twist.

17:09pm: Winners Announced

After a short break, we reconvened to get everyone’s votes.  People are allowed to vote once for their favourite idea, but not their own team.  Here are the results from the team votes:

Girl Power: 2 votes
Power of Greyskull: 3 votes
Power Ballads: 4 votes
Power Shower: 4 votes

Fairly even so far!  The judge of the day then adds extra points for the following:

Best Presentation: Power Shower
Best Questions: Owen, Power Shower
Skill Swap: Shaun, Power Shower (for presenting so well)
Team Work: Girl Power
Transferable: Power Shower’s ‘Nominate Your Teacher’ which could be; Your Boss, Your Mum, Your School etc
Best Idea: Power Shower, judged because I felt it’s the most likely a client would be able to use

Totting up the scores, we have a winner! These guys will be treated to a 2 hour lunch at a venue of their choice in the coming weeks where we can talk through their idea further.


Having observed all teams throughout the day, I was able to see who really shone through.  Each team was then asked to nominate their own star and give reasons why.  Shaun was a clear winner today, but there were plenty of stars in all teams.  Shaun wins himself a £25 Amazon voucher, well done, Shaun!

After the winners were announced, we headed down one of our local pubs for a few rounds of local ales and cider.


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