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We Have Appointed An Office Manager!

We’re pleased to introduce you to our new Office Manager, Tracey Woodhouse! She’ll be tasked with making our internal processes as streamlined as a Formula 1 car, so that we can get on with doing what we do best - making great websites and ensuring that they’re as successful as they can possibly be.

She tells us she was born to work in an office, knowing from a young age the answer to the question to “what do you want to be when you grow up?” was “an office lady”. Well Tracey, we’re happy to help you keep fulfilling your lifelong dream after stints at former Norwich web agency Soup and six years at The Stationery Office, and isn’t it lucky you’re joining an award magnet like Selesti?

With an RSA certificate in Business Administration and also an Introductory Certificate in Marketing (CiM), Tracey has been able to deliver for clients such as the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) and the Home Office, bringing real passion to the field of online and search marketing that she built up in her time at Soup. As a result we’re hoping in her role as Office Manager she’ll get the opportunity to input on each and every one of our client’s projects, after all we love new ideas here at Selesti.

We may have ambushed Tracey this morning to talk a little bit about herself, it’s just one of our latest cruel initiations:

"I'm thrilled to be back on agency soil and I can't wait to see exciting new projects unfold. I'm over the moon to become Selesti's Office Manager and I look forward to building new client and colleague relationships.”

Tracey’s interests aren’t just focused on digital though. She also has a passion for drawing and painting, but not just on canvas - she’s a makeup artist extraordinaire. In 2010 she was even voted EventDog 'Make-up Artist of the Year’, and often collaborates with local photographers from the Norwich University College of the Arts.

When she’s not being arty she enjoys travelling the world (so much so she’s been nicknamed “Judith Chalmers” by her pals), and walking her dog “Mr. Puggles” - a fact that has already endeared her to most of the team.

We hope that you’ll see the effects of Tracey’s appointment very soon, and be sure to ask her where she’s been or for the latest news on “Mr. Puggles” next time you’re in! Just give us a shout to expect you though.