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We Made A PACT To Help Animals

During November Selesti staff volunteered at PACT and Hillside Animal Sanctuary.This initiative is part of our volunteer scheme - showing Selesti’s commitment to support local charities.

First stop - PACT

The largest ‘all animal’ sanctuary and rescue centre in Norfolk and Suffolk, PACT, was visited by Selesti’s animal lovers Clare, Emily, Matt and Owen, who all pounced at the chance to go along and help out.

Their days were spent supporting the hard-working staff in any way they could. This included cleaning out lots of cute guinea pigs and rabbits, which proved challenging when one of the bunnies tried to make a run for it!

Clare and Emily also got stuck into dog walking with the well-behaved Barney and mischievous Bobby, who was keen to get at the cats! Whilst Matt and Owen got to walk Mitch, who loved to pull.

Spending a day there really makes you appreciate how much work the employees have to do every day. They look after SO many animals that all need cleaning, feeding, watering, and attention constantly. It was lovely to see so many happy animals, even though they aren’t at their forever homes, on a farm all the animals have loads of space.” - Clare

Emily and Clare very nearly ran away with one of PACT Animal Sanctuary’s cats at lunch when it climbed into the car looking for cuddles and their chicken sandwiches!

Hillside Adventures

Also based right here in Norfolk is Hillside Sanctuary who help animals in need, and campaign to bring public awareness to the millions of animals suffering every day in the intensive factory farming industries.

Tom, Victoria and I visited Hillside on a dreary Thursday, but our faces lit up when we met the horses, dogs, goats (you name it!) and the friendly staff. We were introduced to the old cows - that is, Hillside’s rescued cows who now, aged around 14-17 years old, have special health needs; and then we were taken across the sanctuary to the kennels. We were overjoyed when we found out we were going to be dog walking!

"Hillside would like to thank Tom, Katy and Victoria for their sterling work, they walked our rescued dogs, up and down hill and over dale! The weather was not kind to them either so they each get 10 gold stars from us." - Gail Ewing, Group HR Manager.

A massive thank you to PACT and Hillside for having us!

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