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We’ve Got 7 Billion Ideas For A Great Christmas...

It’s the seventh day of our Christmas celebrations, and our true love has reminded us of 7 Billion Ideas - the revolutionary social media platform!

Ok, maybe don’t take the title literally. But we’re pretty sure that there will be thousands of great ideas for Christmas on the 7 Billion Ideas social platform.

We’re pleased as punch to have created this revolutionary website, a great idea in of itself, let alone the thousands that have been shared there since its inception in 2012. During that time it has garnered attention not just from Joe public, but also industry leaders across the board. From the DADIs to the DEAs (not a huge step in the alphabet we’ll admit), 7 Billion Ideas has been recognised as a platform that could change the way we see social media. Rather than being all about trolls or sharing pictures of babies and cats, it might be a way to really affect change. Or just be silly... it’s up to you.

Back in April we delivered an update to the already fantastic site and accompanying iPhone app, building on the swift Facebook automated sign up and login to make it even easier for users to get on with sharing their own gems, enabling iPhone users to update their feed with a simple swipe of their finger. We’re UX perfectionists here at Selesti, and small changes like this give us the opportunity to improve on our own high standards of excellence.

After having been commended at the DADI Awards last year, we built on that being  shortlisted in the category of Best Use Of Mobile at the recent Digital Entrepreneur Awards. After all, what better way for us to demonstrate our prowess as an integrated digital agency than with a platform that works just as well on mobile as anywhere else.

If you think that’s it for 7BillionIdeas - think again. We’ve got a whole bunch of treats in store for users of the platform that will be sure to blow their socks off, and may even tempt a few new users to join the now burgeoning flock of idea junkies.

So what are you waiting for? If you’ve got an idea for Christmas, maybe to help the postman get up the icy front path and deliver your presents, or to help people stay awake after they’ve consumed an unhealthy amount of turkey and stuffing, get it shared on 7 Billion Ideas. You could start something big!

Keeping up with our 12 days of Christmas? No? Well we’re giving you a chance to sing along below...

Seven - Billion Ideas

Six – Space Hoppers Hopping

Five - Dragons judging

Four - search marketing gurus

Three - charities supported

Two - thousand, three hundred and seventeen likes

One - Stand-Out Agency