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Worldwide consultancy WSPEE choose Selesti to relaunch their website

One of the world\'s fastest growing businesses, WSP Group, have selected Selesti to redesign and develop a new website for one of the group\'s key divisions, WSP Environment & Energy (WSPEE). As global leading players in the Aviation, Healthcare, Energy and Education sectors, amongst many others, it\'s a huge priviledge to be responsible for their brand online.

WSPEE is dedicated to the environment. Their projects range from responsibly designing a 23 meter basement and delivery tunnel for Harrods to helping a South African citrus fruit producer use a more eco friendly method of working. Selesti\'s challenge is to deliver a website which responds to this level of scope and represents such a broad remit for such a diverse audience.

The site will quite simply be colossal. Multi-lingual, with the highest levels of accesibility and usability to ensure maximum interactivity with its visitors. A modern, corporate design will frame a collection of the&latest technology seen on globally-recognised websites, and is sure to set a new benchmark which towers over their competitors.

Driving the development and the finished site will be an innovative content management system, the specification of which will result in an application more sophisticated and powerful than anything the team here have seen rivalled to date. To reflect WSPEE\'s thousands of staff over globe, the site will be kept up to date and relevant by adminisrtation staff across several different countries. Each key WSPEE geographical office will feature on the site, editable by local administration staff to feature location-specific content, also offering a native language alternative to English to ensure in all its different guises the site remains relevant to its regional users.