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We’re sharing our ideas to help you plan a cracker of a remote Christmas celebration!*

Have a Christmas feast

There are lots of options for food delivery, you could use a service tailored for remote working or support a company that’s local to you. Let everyone choose and pick up the bill!

Norwich Urban Collective
(Norwich Independent)
Big Night
(London Independent)
Deliveroo Gift Cards
Uber for Business

Or pay it forward and donate a meal to a charity, at Selesti we support

The Feed
Group 23

Give Secret Santa Gifts

Let everyone know who their match is and send gifts to each other
Charity gifts
Do a little good and make a contribution to a charity of your recipents choice
Group 24

Other ideas… make a homemade gift, regift something, set up a swapshop for books or board games

Plant a tree

Instead of sending paper cards, you could be planting trees!

Group 95
Woodland Trust
The Canopy Project
The National forest

Get competitive Group 8

So many games work well on Zoom (or your choice of virtual meeting place!)

Split into teams and get quizzing, some questions to get you started…

Quiz questions
More quiz questions

At Selesti we also love…

Scavenger hunts
Heads up (iPhone)
Heads up (Google Play)
Would I lie to you

Other ideas…

Who am I? Share tales from your lives anonomously and try to work out who wrote them.

Through the keyhole - you know everyone’s zoom backdrop but do you know which house is theirs?

Virtual Bake Off - Taste test your own creation and convince everyone it’s sublime!

Enjoy a cocktail Group 8

Make a celebratory team toast with these drinks ideas:

Our friends at Funkin Cocktails are offering Christmas gift boxes that can be delivered to multiple addresses!

Funkin Cocktails

Or send out some ideas before the big day and have everyone get the supplies in beforehand!

Christmas themed cocktails
Christmas Mocktails

Alcohol free and vegan Prosecco at

Thomson & Scott

Book a Christmas cocktail making class for your team

Boozy Events

Another idea… challenge everyone to create their own.
Christmas cocktail using whatever they have at home, give it a name and try to persuade everyone it’s a winner!

Watch a movie together

Ask everyone to vote for the best Christmas movie and host a virtual watch party.

Teleparty (Netflix party)
Facebook watch party
Group 18

Another idea… send out some microwave popcorn packs to everyone through the post.

Play the Christmas classics

Check out the biggest Christmas songs of all time!

Christmas playlist
Group 19

Get dressed up

Wear your best (or worst!) Christmas Jumpers (and don’t forget Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper day on 11th December!)

Christmas Jumper Day 2020

We highly recommend reusing last year’s jumpers, buying secondhand or swapping with friends and colleagues!

Other ideas… Pretend it’s prom night and get dressed up to the nines.

Go for fancy dress, pick a Christmas theme or freestyle it!

Challenge everyone to a dress up scavenger hunt - 5 minutes to assemble your most outrageous outfit! Bonus points if it’s christmassy!

Group 20

Put on a show

Hold an awards ceremony!

Funny employee awards ideas

Plan a

Christmas Murder Mystery

Other ideas…

Hire an entertainer for a virtual performance, we’d love a magician!

Have a lip sync battle or do Karaoke (ok, to be honest, we’re not sure how this would work on zoom! Might also depend on how successful you were with the Christmas cocktails… ;)

Group 21

Party hampers

Put party hampers together for everyone and send them out, you could include some of the other ideas above, like cocktail ingredients, meal vouchers, popcorn, bingo cards, christmas snacks, party hats, christmas crackers, mini prosecco bottles for toasting…

Or order a ready made Christmas party hampers!

Christmas Party Hampers
Group 8

*The sites and companies we’re sharing are for inspiration and are not tested or endorsed by Selesti