Code of Conduct

The Definitive Agency Ltd (t/a Selesti), and all companies within it, recognise that it has a responsibility to the economic, social and environmental aspect of its performance.
We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and continually improving our environmental performance as an integral part of our business strategy and operating methods.
We expect our suppliers (including employees, representatives, subcontractors and vendors) to support our core principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.
Supporting these principles is a vital part of our business culture. We wish to bring the importance of these into the relationships we hold with our suppliers, ensuring that they embrace our core principles and share that responsibility.
All suppliers should be compliant with all local laws and regulations. We encourage them to look to their own supply chains to follow these principles too.

Child labour

The employment or operation of child labour is unacceptable to The Definitive Agency Ltd (t/a Selesti). Illegal child labour will not be used in any service by our suppliers, including production and distribution.

A ‘Child’ is any person under the legal minimum working age for that country.

Forced labour

As a Slave-Free Alliance member The Definitive Agency Ltd (t/a Selesti) do not tolerate any form of involuntary or forced labour, such as slave, bonded, indentured, prison or human trafficking labour, within its supply chain.

Our suppliers should not accept the use of any forced labour under their direct employment or supply chain. All local laws linked to modern slavery and human trafficking should be complied with at all times.

Workers should not be forced to stay at the end of their shift and should be free to give reasonable notice to terminate their employment at any point. Any money owed to them should be received without any problem.

Any evidence of forced labour should be reported to The Definitive Agency Ltd (t/a Selesti) by its supplier.

Young Workers

Young workers are those above the legal minimum working age but under the age of 18. Suppliers that employ young workers should make sure all local laws and restrictions are abided by at all times.

Any young person should not be allowed to work more than the specified maximum hours for their age or outside of their restricted working times. Young workers should not be employed for any job that would be hazardous to their health.

Working Hours

Suppliers must comply with all national laws and industry standards for working hours. Any overtime should be voluntary and staff should have at least 1 day off within a seven day period.

Wage and benefits

Here at The Definitive Agency Ltd (t/a Selesti), we ensure all our staff are paid Living Wage and we would encourage those within our supply chain to do so for their employees, if financially viable.

All suppliers should make sure they are paying all staff the national minimum wage according to their local laws; this may vary for different ages. Overtime should also be paid as per local law. If such laws do not exist then the hourly overtime rate should match that of their regular hourly rate.

Working conditions are safe and hygienic

Suppliers must provide a safe and clean working environment for all staff, this covers all working environments including residential.

Clear Health and Safety procedures should be in place and followed by all employees. Accidents should be recorded. Any reported hazards should be effectively managed and monitored. Regular Health and Safety training should be provided to all staff.

Access to both clean toilets and drinking water should be provided. Facilities to store food would be an advantage.

All health and safety policies and regulations should be complied with at all times.

Freedom of Association

All suppliers should respect their employees' right to Freedom of Association. This is part of the Human Rights Act and should be complied with unless restricted by a public authority.

Environmental management

The Definitive Agency Ltd (t/a Selesti) is committed to reducing its environmental impact and continually improving environmental performance as an integral part of business strategy and operating methods. We expect our suppliers to also adopt this company culture.
Suppliers should have clear goals to measure and minimize their impact on the environment, including their carbon emissions. Suppliers should be complying with applicable laws and regulations towards environmental protection.

The use of hazardous substances should be handled, stored and transported in the correct manner and disposed of safely.

Suppliers should make sure they are: sourcing responsibly to minimise waste, recycling all items where possible; minimising water wastage; and using energy-efficient electrical equipment.


The Definitive Agency Ltd (t/a Selesti) expects our suppliers to be clear about equal opportunity and manage this in a professional and lawful way. All employees should be fairly treated and working environments should at all times be supportive of the dignity and respect of individuals.

Suppliers must not discriminate during any form of employment including recruitment, promotion, termination, training or when allocating duties because of any protected characteristics.

Protected characteristics include age, disability (including mental health), gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, (including ethnic origin, colour, nationality or national origin), religion/belief (including philosophical belief), sex or sexual orientation.


‘Confidential’ means that all access to information must be on a “need to know” and properly authorised basis.

Local Data Protection laws and regulations should be followed by all suppliers. Suppliers need to handle, process and store data responsibly and keep up to date with legal developments in the area of data protection.

Suppliers and their employees must use only the information they have been authorised to use, and for purposes that have been authorised. Employees should also be aware that under the Data Protection Act, unauthorised access to data about individuals is a criminal offence.

All personal or sensitive information should be neither disclosed nor used without the consent of the person to which it pertains.

Suppliers must assume information is confidential unless they know it is intended to be made public. Suppliers and their employees must also not disclose confidential information to unauthorised people or cause a breach of security.

Bribery, Fraud or corruption

No bribery, fraud or corruption will be tolerated by The Selesti Group and its suppliers should also follow this principle.

Bribery, fraud and corruption have the potential to expose a company and its employees to the risk of prosecution, fines and imprisonment, as well as endangering the company’s reputation. Suppliers should apply a “zero tolerance” approach to acts of bribery, fraud, and corruption.

Suppliers should ensure that matters of employee conduct (including bribery, corruption, fraud, conflicts of interest and the like) are managed in a professional and lawful way.

Suppliers should be aware of local Bribery legislation and anti-corruption laws and these should be complied with at all times.

Any gifts, entertainment or hospitality should only be accepted if the risk has been assessed. Suppliers and their employees should be aware of what is or is not acceptable to receive. If there may be a risk involved which could potentially damage the company’s reputation and business, the action could well be unlawful.