Use cases

SEOs often need to browse through URLs in bulk — when performing a backlink audit or competitor analysis, or when updating a large number of page titles, for example. Typically, there are two ways of doing this: 

  • From a spreadsheet: switch between Excel and Chrome, copying and pasting one URL at a time 
  • From a website: open each URL in a new tab, one at a time, until you have so many tabs open at once that you can't see what any of them are

To solve this, we built Slink, a Chrome extension that allows you to copy and paste a bulk list of URLs, and then simply click 'next' to load the next one. Having test-driven this tool internally for the past few months, we've found this saves a lot of time, and stops our Macbook fans making that helicopter-taking-off noise they do when they're overloaded.

How it works 

Once you've added the Slink Browser extension to Chrome (find it in the Chrome store here), click on the icon and paste a list of URLs into Slink. Select the first URL and then simply click ‘next’ to load the next one. 

Gone are the days of flicking from one tab to another or between Excel and Chrome and pasting one URL at a time. Slink will also keep track of the URLs you’ve already visited and can save your list across devices using Google Chrome Sync.

Why use Slink

Slink is a time-saving tool, built for anyone who needs to carry out some form of website audit, whether you’re an agency, inhouse or freelancer. It will streamline your audits, reducing the time spent doing them, which incidentally saves you money.

Slink can help you with: 

  • Backlink audits 
  • Content audits 
  • SEO technical audits 
  • Social audits 
  • Competitor analysis 
  • User testing 

As we benefit so heavily from the open source communities, it's only fair that we give back, so the source code for the extension is on our GitHub.  

Slink is FREE to download and use, so try it today and see how much easier your audits and testing will be. If you have any feedback or queries about Slink, feel free to get in touch.