Catherine - Account Manager

Catherine joined us 9 months ago, but she’s got over two decades of experience behind her! She’s worked in various creative roles for both agencies and insurance behemoth Aviva, and co-ordinated a number of national TV and radio campaigns.

“I started working in Marketing before Google was the beast it is now! I love working creatively with brands to help them achieve their targets whether its raising awareness of their products/services or getting recognition in their sector.”

Catherine is putting all that experience to good use by looking after some of our most valued clients and helping us all ensure they get the service they want!

Iveta - Digital Project Support

Iveta joined us as a Business Apprentice, but she impressed us so much that we’ve asked her to help out more! She’s been supporting our team by looking after our service desk, testing websites and apps, booking and scheduling work, as well as assisting with digital projects.

“I’m always here for our Selestians, whether it's to help with spreadsheet work, refill their mugs with hot drinks, schedule tasks or just to make them laugh!”

James W - Web Developer

We’re not sure if we can class James as a new starter, as he’s been with us for 14 months now! He’s primarily been developing our Magento 2 and WordPress projects, but he doesn’t want to be pigeon-holed.

“I’m someone who can do more than just put code on a page, so I do like to branch out. Recently I've been looking into our video output, and I recently represented Selesti at a talk about Agile processes.”

In addition to these extra skills, James previously worked at a smaller studio with a focus on design, so he always has user experience in mind when he builds websites for our clients.

James C - Web Developer

Not content with one James, we hired a second to our development team just a few months ago. We’ve put James C to work on site performance optimisations, feature development, and bug fixes for our clients.

“In my last role I was focusing on Laravel and single page applications, and I have also developed high performance SAAS products too. I’m looking forward to supporting our clients with this experience.”

We often receive requests to build new websites, so James C will provide invaluable support to our developer team.

James K - Content Executive

We were so pleased with James C that we tried to find another, leading us to hire our third James in 12 months! James K comes to us from an in-house B2B marketing team, so he’s well positioned to craft compelling content.

“There’s a perception that B2B content needs to be dry, but nothing could be further from the truth. After all, the reader is still a human being, and they want to read interesting, compelling content!”

James K has been with us for just over a month, but he’s already writing a variety of articles, news posts, and web site content, all geared towards improving our clients’ reputations and increasing their traffic.

No matter how long they’ve been with us, our friendly team is always ready to help. So if you’re looking for a digital partner to help your business achieve great things, get in touch today!