Fiberguide is a specialist fibre optics company with over 30 years’ experience specialising in manufacturing large core specialty optical fibre and high temperature metalized optical fibres. Working as a strategic partner with OEM manufacturers, they are a globally positioned company with corporate headquarters, manufacturing and sales across the globe.

The business is part of the Photonics Division of Halma, which also includes Ocean Optics, Labsphere and AVO Photonics. Halma owns over 40 high-tech businesses, based in 20 countries across the world, who’s core focus is health and safety and the environment. These businesses provide innovative solutions and products for hazard detection and life protection, from water security to preventable blindness.

Selesti are looking forward to working with Fiberguide, as many of their core values align with our own. Fiberguide have recently improved their infrastructure with a website migration. However, they have not seen the improvements in search rankings that were expected. The first campaign we are committed to carrying out will be an SEO audit to detect where improvements could be made. We will follow the steps outlined in our SEO audit guide.

The Selesti team have helped and continue to help a wide range of B2B businesses, and look forward to the challenges brought forward by these businesses. Notably, we have helped the British Assessment Bureau improve their ROAs as well as increasing conversions by 117% for Linx.