These certificates expire after a year, so it’s important we keep up to date — and it also helps us secure our status as a Google Ads Premier Partner. This means we benefit from regular calls with our account manager at Google, as well as exclusive access to Beta products and advance information.

We also have to keep our monthly spend above a certain threshold to remain a Premier Partner, and thanks to our healthy and ever-growing roster of PPC clients, we’ve passed on this count, too.

So, what does our Premier Partner status mean for you?

  • Get your Google Ads account reviewed by a senior account manager at Google
  • Get access to beta products, such as expanded text ads, before competitors
  • Get your account managed on a daily basis by the Google-certified team at Selesti

We’ve been consistently winning awards for our PPC campaigns for years now — and from increasing overall PPC conversions by 236% for QMS, to a 300% increase in PPC conversions for Rock Colllection, we’ve got a bit of a reputation for driving results for B2B and B2C brands alike.

We monitor our clients’ PPC accounts constantly throughout each day, making bid adjustments and pausing non-converting keywords and products to ensure you’re getting the best possible ROI. Our PPC campaigns are constantly evolving, as we never stop optimising.

If you want to learn more about Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising and how it can help you to reach people interested in your products, call the studio today on 01603 760 767 — alternatively, find us on Twitter and say hi, or drop us an email for a chat.