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Our Services In A Nutshell

What can an SEO strategy do for your business?

Through organic search optimisation, we can help put your business in front of your potential customers, whether they’re looking for branded or non-branded keywords; whether they’re researching a purchase or are ready to buy.

SEO is an essential part of any business’ marketing mix, and chances are, your competitors are already using SEO to their advantage.

Our SEO services help increase your brand’s visibility, engaging and converting a long-term source of relevant potential customers.

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We strongly believe this strong working relationship we have with selesti has really been the key to our growth.

- Laura Fox, Learning Resources

Our SEO Services

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is much more than simply understanding Google’s 200+ ranking factors.

A key philosophy behind our service is that no two clients are the same. That means each of our search strategies is bespoke, and prioritised based on your brand’s individual needs, with the aim of increasing performance in the most important areas as fast as possible.

Each strategy is made up of a range of complementary elements - all designed to satisfy Google’s ever-changing algorithm, made up of over 200 ranking factors.

That’s why our SEO campaigns are heavily focused around ensuring your brand delivers the best resources for your audiences’ needs through organic search.

Technical SEO

Our approach to SEO not only encompasses understanding what makes your customers tick, it also demands a detailed understanding of Google’s multiple ranking factors - that’s because technical elements of SEO are now more important than ever before.

Just one on-site technical issue could mean the full potential of your site will never be realised, which is why we begin our campaigns with a detailed technical SEO audit, ensuring your site is in the best shape possible to maximise its organic search potential for many years to come.

Content Strategy

A successful SEO campaign is only possible with a carefully considered content strategy, ensuring pages not only target the right keywords that your customers are searching for, but also meet their intent.

Whether it’s content marketing, a highly effective service page, or optimised product page content, our Search team always have the end goal in mind when crafting copy, driving search visibility and most importantly, Return On Investment.

Earned Media

Through our content-led campaigns, we place a large emphasis on getting your brand where your audience is. Whether it’s getting coverage on respected sites in your industry, earning links from topically relevant blogs, or earning mentions in editorial content.

Our years of experience in Earned Media and deep understanding of effective link-building mean we remain dedicated to building your site’s visibility in search engines.

Site Migrations

As a digital agency with an in-house development team, we have over 11 years experience launching and migrating businesses to new sites, meaning we’re best placed to help you mitigate the fall in search traffic that’s commonly seen after site migration.

Technical SEO/UX Audits

We conduct technical SEO audits to discover any obstacles preventing search engines from indexing your content, and to identify any issues with your website’s structure or performance that could be affecting your rankings.

From a UX perspective, we’ll also dig into your analytics data and run user tests to discover new ways of increasing your conversions — whether that’s by simplifying the checkout process or making the navigation more intuitive.

Performance Optimisations

We’re always happy to advise on any performance optimisations that will provide a better user experience and make your site more search-friendly. From increasing site speed with a CDN to upping security with an SSL, we’ll explain what you’ll gain from the optimisation, and then help you to implement it.

Search engine result positioning and user experience go hand in hand, we'll be able to give you a full report on problematic areas of your websites along with solutions to fix them, we do an extensive audit covering everything from deferred loading and critical rendering paths to server response times and http compression.

Industry-leading Search Tools

Our continual investment in technology means we have access to enterprise-level SEO tools, giving us the big-data insights that give our clients’ campaigns the edge over the competition, as well as reporting meaningful data back to you that’s relevant to your specific campaign objectives.

Your Own Expert SEO Team

We like to think of ourselves as an extension of your in-house team — filling in where you need our expertise, and supporting you in areas where you’re already strong. With years of experience in the industry, both from client side and agency backgrounds, each member of our SEO team is an expert in their specific area of SEO and digital marketing.

Plus, we challenge our team to constantly develop their skills, whether it’s through our monthly Supercharged Days, development through online courses, or structured training from our SEO software providers. Because our team are always on the forefront of developments in the industry, it’s no wonder so many of our Search clients have been with us for so many years!

Why Choose Selesti?

With experience driving organic search growth for our local Norwich and London based clients, as well as managing large campaigns for our national and international clients, our team have the detailed knowledge and experience to meet the specific search marketing needs your business has.

As part of our emphasis on becoming an extension of your team, we take great lengths to ensure all our reporting is transparent and tailored to your needs, no matter whether you already have a preferred reporting format or require our guidance.

Plus, with all the best industry tools you could ever need, we have the insights to help drive your brand’s SEO objectives forward.

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