• Doubled the number of website quotes since 2016

First year on year results


increase in organic traffic


increase in PPC traffic

Year two year on year results 


increase in organic traffic


increase in PPC traffic

We also secured coverage on mainstream media sites such as The Telegraph, The Sun, Yahoo, the Huffington Post, and industry sites such as ScooterLab and British Dealer News. This brings not only SEO value, but brand awareness too.

The challenge

To reduce Lexham Insurance's reliance on aggregator sites, we knew we'd need to strengthen their own domain's performance. Our objectives? To boost search visibility, traffic and conversions with SEO and PPC.

We chose a digital PR led approach to achieve our SEO objectives, as brand awareness was a weak point for the motorcycle insurance brand.

The objectives for the PPC aspect of the campaign were to drive traffic to the website and increase conversions (sales and quotes).

The solution

Over the last two years, the overall objective of our link-building campaign was to increase organic search visibility. The main focus was on their core products, scooters and mopeds, and we achieved this through various tactics. Our aim was to gain high-quality links from industry websites, as well as build brand awareness through branded mentions.

Content marketing

We noticed an opportunity for Lexham Insurance to improve their search engine visibility at the top of the sales funnel. We did this by targeting informational queries and creating user-focussed on-site content that answered common customer questions. Using forums and tools, we found queries that didn’t have an answer on Lexham’s website, creating useful and searchable content for their blog.


Our outreach involved sending quality editorial content to industry websites, including data-led content, review pieces and articles based around top search queries on-site.

The strategy focussed on themed campaigns on a quarterly basis, trialling new outreach techniques and focusing on specific product audiences. This allowed us to reach out to niche and topical websites with the aim to reach a much wider audience.

One campaign we carried out targeted classic car websites, using mini-surveys to gather data and including influential quotes from experts to add authority to our pieces. This tactic worked to reach a new audience who may not have heard of Lexham before.

This mini-survey and influential quote approach was also successful for a cycling campaign. We included more influencers in this campaign, working with bloggers, journalists, and a well-known cycling YouTuber, which boosted Lexham’s YouTube channel subscribers and Instagram following.

Content lead outreach

Our content lead outreach involved a survey-driven PR campaign which resulted in coverage in The Telegraph, The Sun, The Mirror, the Huffington Post, and industry sites such as ScooterLab, Visor Down, and British Dealer News.

Our hero piece of content was a large survey to find out what the all-time best two-wheel cinematic moments were.

This included an interactive element so people could vote as they landed on Lexham’s website. This generated some very high-quality coverage in publications such as The Sun, UNILAD and The Mirror.

All of our content and outreach work was paired with an optimised PPC campaign that resulted in a 20% uplift in sales and 31% uplift in quotes.

Using our lean test-and-learn approach to optimising projects, we delivered continuous improvements for Lexham Insurance, reducing their reliance on third-party websites. A test and learn attitude has really pushed the Selesti/Lexham partnership along for increased sales and rankings.

“A pleasure to deal with, excellent communication and proactive attitude. Very impressed with their professionalism and knowledge thus far, a company you can feel reassured are working actively for your company. Selesti have notable skills in the sectors we are dealing with them on and we look forward to what the future holds in our partnership."

Andy Goodson, Sales & Marketing Director