increase in organic quote form enquiries


growth in top 10 guide pages organic traffic


increase in organic last click conversion rate

Content audit and restructure

For a content strategy to be successful, your content needs to be easy to navigate, useful and strategically aligned with the needs of your audience. This is why we prioritised a content audit of British Assessment’s guides section to identify content that was performing well, articles that could be improved and ones that were no longer relevant.

After carrying out competitor research and the audit we removed 58% of all guide content. We looked at visitor statistics, bounce rates and whether the topic was still relevant to decide whether it should be kept, edited, merged with similar pages or removed.

A straightforward flowchart for defining whether to keep content

As part of the ongoing, wider content strategy, we reviewed which categories and stages of the buying process the British Assessment Bureau had already created content for. This helped us form a content gap analysis and build a content strategy that would ensure it fulfilled the needs of their customers.

The rebuild of the guides section has also improved the user experience, making it easier for customers to find content that is relevant to them.

We will continue to build on this strategy, which has already resulted in a 99% increase in organic traffic to the top 10 guides pages.

Find content with ease

The original design of the guides section was a carousel, making it difficult to scroll through articles or find a specific one. The extra clicks required was turning people away.

Comparison of our new knowledge hub website design compared to the old site

Our expert web design team set about improving the usability of the guides section, creating a chronological scrolling layout, organised by categories.

Visitors can now easily find the content they’re interested in and that will help guide them through their journey to ISO certification.

As well as improving the usability, our team refined the code to reduce the load-speed of this section. We also revisited the internal linking to implement our content clusters approach — improving SEO and the user journey.

Defined tone of voice and content strategy

Defining the correct tone of voice is crucial to a content strategy

To keep up the momentum, we have put together a strategy in collaboration with British Assessment Bureau to define their tone of voice and identify their customer personas. This research will inform their ongoing content plan so that their content will reach their target audience at the right stage of the customer journey.

Defining tone of voice will ensure that all content published is easy to read and is insightful or useful to the reader. Keyword and competitor research, combined with the gap analysis, has shaped the content strategy too.

Thanks to these changes to the British Assessment Bureau website, they have seen rising visitor numbers. More content is being discovered, leading to an increase in organic conversion rate.