The ideation platform's members have generated over 50,000 new ideas, many of which have spawned startup businesses of their own, that 7billionideas then offer mentoring and consultancy to.

Over 60,000 students worldwide are engaged in 7billionideas education programme — 7billeducation — which inspires students and teachers to think big about the possibilities of their ideas.

Working with the business from day one has helped to foster a close connection — more than you might expect from say a traditional client–agency relationship.

The growth of 7billionideas as a company — from an idea borne out of a pub discussion, to a successful business employing a team of talented people — has been truly staggering, and we’re delighted to have been trusted to be along for the whole ride.

Commercial diversification

The Selesti team provided consultancy and tangible options for 7billionideas to be able to expand its offering to clients.

Not only did we assist the business to diversify and secure revenue streams, we also helped strengthen its education arm. Our partnership has seen us deliver consultancy, creative and development services to clients of 7billionideas too, as part of their startup and entrepreneur mentoring.

Ideation platforms for any business

The mobile-responsive 7billionideas website can be rebranded, modified and deployed as your very own ‘iSeven’ platform. Businesses that have used the product have seen measurable improvements in innovation and communication.

Staff members or line managers can capture progressive ideas from team meetings or site visits, then record the financial impact of these ideas on the business once they’ve been implemented.

Bespoke reporting, workflows and admin permission have all been modified by Selesti as 7billionideas rolls out each new iteration to its clients.