The challenge

While the vast majority of MOMA’s breakfasts are purchased in supermarkets across the UK, they still need strong visibility on search engines so they can grow brand awareness (and of course, show up when people search for their products).

From our initial research, we identified a few issues with their website’s technical setup that were contrary to best practice and likely hindering the site’s search visibility. With that in mind, we rolled out a full technical SEO audit to identify what else may need to be changed — and crucially, how to fix it.

The process

The first time we work with a client, we conduct a thorough audit of their existing online properties to identify anything that may be holding back their search visibility.

This covers a whole raft of checks — diving deep into the site structure, identifying any server issues, investigating external factors like toxic links, and exploring factors like content and conversion rate issues.

With these all identified, we then summarise these into an easy to understand list of priorities, based on how critical a fix for each issue is in terms of improving search visibility.

Updating MOMA’s website

The next stage was to work with MOMA to implement the recommended changes. Thanks to our in-house WordPress and Shopify expertise, we were able to implement technical changes to the site directly, making the process quick and easy.

We also tidied up MOMA’s blog and devised a content plan to fill some gaps in their strategy, helping to ensure the site would be visible for the things that MOMA’s customers were searching for online.

The results

MOMA’s website now meets a much higher standard from a technical SEO point of view, helping to improve the brand’s visibility in search engines. The improved technical set up has contributed to a 21% increase in organic traffic since the technical audit findings started to be implemented.