Working closely in partnership, we took basic wireframes and delivered a responsive, refreshed version of their existing site, all the while preserving our client’s fun brand identity and illustrative style.

“The website has performed really well in customer reviews, with them raving about improvements to the usability of the site. Internally, the Gadget Cover admin team now have a bespoke user-friendly CMS to manage their hundreds of devices available to insure.”
— Alex Santana, Head of Direct Sales, Gadget Cover

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Everything evolves — whether that's what we like, what technology we enjoy using, or how we search online. And, websites should too.

Just as no website is ever "finished", we work closely with all our clients to help them increase their understanding of audience behaviours, needs and preferences — and understand how these can continually evolve post-launch.

Here it was no different. From the very first day the Gadget Cover website was launched, we continued to tweak elements to optimise lead generation and conversion site-wide and across devices.

We successfully adjusted several points along the path to conversion for Gadget Cover; for example, from reducing the number of steps and user information requested during the purchase journey, to optimising the design and purpose of mobile-centric pages.

We made many more subtle variations over time — with big, commercial impact — and all thanks to proven testing.

The result: more visitors, converting at a higher rate, and more money for the business that could be injected elsewhere to enable continuous growth.

Agile methodology

We continue to support Gadget Cover. Following the build we have seen the introduction of custom links for affiliates, recurring payments for PayPal & Sage Pay and regular usability enhancements — all implemented to help the brand provide an optimum service to its customers.

With new devices and models constantly being brought to market , together with a heavily regulated insurance industry, it is vital that we are agile and always on hand to accommodate swift turnaround times.