Editorial content and SEO training

The Big Issue content team wanted to learn more about optimising their blog posts so they could reach a larger audience and improve their visibility in Google. We invited them to our London office for a digital marketing training session to demystify the often complex world of SEO.

We covered best practices for structuring and organising content using categories and tags, advised them of lesser-known Google features like featured snippets and how to structure content to appear for these; when to consider SEO and for what type of content, and some practical tools to research topic ideas that users are searching for, to help build a footprint online for the most popular topics.

The Big Issue team came away from the day with a greater understanding of how to consider SEO as part of their writing process, dispelling old myths they’d heard about SEO, and reminding them that while Google will see their content, ultimately they are still writing for users.

Content strategy training

We also worked with The Big Issue Foundation marketing team, upskilling them in content strategy so they could get the charity’s message across effectively using SEO.

In this session we taught the team about content clustering, a way to organise your content to help Google to understand the relationship between pages, which can help to increase search visibility.

We also taught the team how to use several free tools to identify what exactly the Foundation’s audience were looking for and how they were phrasing their searches. This has made it easier for the team to come up with content ideas that their audience is looking for and increasing the chances of capturing traffic in search engines.

Managing The Big Issue’s Google grant

Our work with this national charity doesn’t stop at training. We’ve been managing The Big Issue Foundation’s Google Grant for over 5 years, helping them get the most out of their PPC budget to promote key fundraising events such as the Big Sleep Out.

This has become ever more important following Google’s updates to the programme in early 2018, which imposed a 5% click-through rate floor to Google Grant accounts.

We help the smooth running of their account to ensure the 5% minimum is achieved, ensuring their ads are always active and visible.