Increase in Organic Search Visibility

Between April 2015 - Dec 2015

Bespoke eCommerce Platform

Selesti have improved the usability of Hitachi Digital Media group's website by reducing the time required for users to navigate their site. The project was to update an 11 year old platform, making it fully responsive for mobile & tablet. We wrote mobile digital brand guidelines for them to share with their Japanese HQ. Our SEO content team overhauled their existing page structure and a UX research exercise informed us how to reimagine their vast product categorisation and listing pages.

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This brochure site informs potential customers in the research or purchase stage of their purchase cycle, with links to where they can buy from retailers. The platform gives them flexible product templates to suit their wide range of tech, from projectors and TVs to refrigerators and soundbars.

The redesigned product detail pages offer comprehensive info on all products, including features, specs, comparison tools alongside help & support for existing customers. All of that content is manageable via the Selesti bespoke CMS HQ module.

Selesti digested our complex brief and produced a modern website that our customers enjoy using. We love to work with the entire team and their great ideas.
Lucy Hearne, Marketing Manager, Hitachi Digital Media, Europe

A European Audience

We implemented browser detection to help users land on the relevant language. If not, there’s always the control in the header to switch between languages.

We worked with Hitachi's translation partner to populate content onto the site, but each language can also be managed and tailored via the CMS.
There are different products, sliders, widgets and content per language and geographic region.

We had to keep translations at the front of our mind when creating design concepts to ensure they could accommodate longer translations when added to the site.


Our search team implemented detailed tracking to attribute value of SEO to the actions Hitachi wanted visitors to undertake. We helped Hitachi Digital Media form a content strategy to work alongside their social media efforts.

Hitachi are now visible in areas of the web where people are researching products in their category.

Even after the redesign, we continue to test and amend pages to improve the user experience and make sure consumers' questions are answered as quickly as possible.

Part of taking the lead on the multi-language and localisation strategy was providing Yandex consultancy to plan growth in Russia using .ru domain.


increase in organic traffic between since launch


increase in site goals being completed


targeted key phrases in top 3 positions

Geographically Sensitive Marketing

Yandex has a 60% market share in Russia, so to gain visibility in this market, we need to follow their rules.

The Selesti team migrated all Russian content to the .ru domain because Yandex has a preference for Russian top level domains and greatly rewards sites that are 100% in Russian

Next we set up a Yandex Metrica account to track goal conversions; a ranking factor in Yandex.

Click through rate is also a key ranking factor in Russia's number 1 engine, so we're setting up rich snippets for social media accounts and contact details, to show the site is official, ensuring users click on the correct site within search results.


Increase in search visibility between 2015 to 2016

User Video Testing

To measure the challenges of their old website and where the new one can further improve, our creative and SEO team combined to design and deploy desktop and user testing on key areas of the site. We reviewed how the the design and content effected the main interactive features users accessed.

Full video of the user experience from the carefully targeted and selected candidates was shared with Hitachi and resulted in further changes to the site that increased user satisfaction.

Hitachi - User Video Testing

Throw Distance Calculator

Hitachi's trade users (dealers) demanded a redesigned, mobile friendly market-leading tool to calculate how to install their projectors and choose the right product for their job.

This is part of a dedicated trade area with in-depth product content, images and downloads.

View The "TDC" Here
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Scroll tracking

We recorded a high bounce rate on the site's product pages. The challenge was to identify whether this was because users found the site useful, got the information they needed and left; or if they couldn't find what they wanted and were forced to leave to find this elsewhere.

To identify this we set up scroll tracking which recorded how much of the page users were reading. It helped us identify what content they were consuming, firing 'events' to tell us that users had read certain parts of the page.

This meant the bounce rate lowered and became more accurate. Now, users who read the information and found what they needed are no longer being recorded as bounces.

We have more detailed information on how users are engaging with the site, this helping to direct the site's continual evolution. This is just one example of the many instances where having a development and search retainer means the two teams can work closely together to recommend the best option from a design, functionality and search point of view.

Hitachi - Roller Detection




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