Supercharged development for our favourite B2B energy broker

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Our WordPress lead capture website, bespoke tender & customer management system, and Supercharged Day hacks helped Indigo Swan to streamline processes and improve customer experience.

Conversion-focussed web design

Indigo Swan wanted a new website that both told their story and generated targeted B2B leads more effectively. Due to the minimal bespoke functionality required, and the need for a content-managed system, WordPress would be the perfect fit.

Their in-house talent presented the web design to Selesti’s User Experience (UX) team to review, refine, and determine how to optimise conversion rate.

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The day was energetic, fast paced and really sparked some fabulous ideas. You won’t regret taking part in a spectacular Selesti Supercharged Day.
- Emily Groves, Managing Director, Indigo Swan
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Features we delivered for them in this bespoke web application included:

  • SalesForce sync and integration
  • Tender running (collecting prices simultaneously from 15 suppliers)
  • Document management
  • User permissions, roles & responsibilities
  • Tour of the customer area for new clients
  • MI reporting
  • Full, real time & granular audit history
  • Ticketing report system

PathFinder Logo

When a business’ energy contract is up, Indigo Swan’s Pathfinder tool helps them to pro-actively collect data from every potential supplier in the region and find a better deal for their energy pricing.

It also acts as a customer portal, so businesses can manage their account, monitor suppliers, submit meter readings, and validate bills.

Due to their specific requirements, we agreed with Indigo Swan to create a bespoke platform, based on our versatile in-house CMS HQ technology. This enabled us to deliver a tailored and unique user journey for their account managers and administrators, automating as many previously manual processes as possible.

The front end of Pathfinder offers customers a personalised walkthrough of their current energy accounts. All of their supplies, contracts and meter information can be easily digested thanks to animated charts and graphs, bringing dry subject matter to life.

We were delighted when Pathfinder helped our client win the “Most Innovative” category in 2014 at their industry’s coveted TELCA awards.

The Supercharged treatment

In early 2016 we invited Indigo Swan into the studio to give them the full Supercharged Day treatment, with five of their team joining us to investigate new ways of overcoming their commercial and logistical pain points.

A lot of what was created that day went into the new website brief — like improvements to Pathfinder that are being rolled out and added in stages, plus some longer-term options such as meter reading apps and other ways to help them stay ahead in such a competitive market.

Every single member of the Selesti team were enthusiastic and came up with brilliantly innovative ideas. Whilst there was a lot of blue sky thinking happening and some ‘off the wall’ ideas could have developed, they always kept in mind what our business objectives were and our budget.
- Emily Groves, Managing Director, Indigo Swan


Indigo Swan


  • Digital Strategy Consultancy
  • UX Analysis
  • Web Design & Development

Campaign Team

  • Owen Melbourne
  • Richard Evans
  • Emily Cox
  • Tom Parsley
  • Clare Britton