Facebook Locations implementation means plain sailing for this national gift and clothing retailer

increase in organic Facebook engagement

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How do you manage Facebook for 8 stores and an eCommerce site?

Nauticalia, a gift and clothing brand consisting of an eCommerce store and 8 physical shops around the UK, was using one single Facebook page to represent the lot. Of course, events in Liverpool aren’t going to appeal to people in Portsmouth, so relevancy was a bit of an issue.

Nauticalia wanted to give individual store managers the ability to post on Facebook, but didn’t want to hand over full access to the main Facebook page.

We contacted our account manager at Facebook and began the process of implementing Facebook Locations, a parent/child structure whereby the brand page sits above all the store pages.

Increase in monthly
organic fan growth
Increase in brand
page fans
Increase in total
page fans
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More freedom,
more flexibility

Having all local business pages linked, with the brand eCommerce page as an umbrella, has many benefits: posts to the parent page can trickle down so they’re shared on the child pages; store managers can be given access only to their store; and fans can see useful local information, such as opening times and phone number.

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Why use Facebook Locations?

Posts from the brand page can be published automatically to local pages

Group-level and individual stats for all Facebook pages

Local details for each store, including opening hours, address and phone

Provide admin rights to individual location pages

Visitors can access location pages from the brand page

Star ratings for individual stores

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More fans,
more engagement

Implementing this structure gave each store its own local presence, and these have been growing organically ever since. We’ve also seen cross-pollination, with fans liking the brand page going on to like their local page, and vice versa.

As the content on the location pages — in-store offers and local news, for example — is really relevant to fans, engagement is up by an impressive 600%.




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