Nelsons Journey

An iPhone & Android App for the worthiest of local charitable causes, providing invaluable support to help children deal with bereavement.

Nelsons Journey
The designers have grasped the look and feel that we wanted to achieve, it is young person friendly and clearly targeted at those users.
Sophie Berry, Funding & Marketing Manager, Nelson's Journey

Creating an intuitive app

We were keen to include Nelson's Journey Youth Panel heavily in the project throughout the process, from scope definition and design through to testing. Understanding and being sympathetic to this target audience was the most important measurement of success for this app.

Nelsons Journey

Virtual Coping Strategies

We put the charity's services and activities into the child's pocket;

  • a diary to log how they are feeling
  • a jar to collect memories of their lost loved one
  • a balloon release ceremony as a symbol of letting go of negative feelings of grief
  • advice and support whatever the time or situation
Children In Need

BBC Children In Need funding for this project was secured based on the fantastic care Nelsons Journey provide.

Selesti designed and developed this app to meet the need for an interactive tool, accessible on the go, to encourage bereaved ad grieving youths to address their feelings in a healthy way.

The app has 5 main aims:

  • To help increase the self-esteem of bereaved children and young people
  • To allow bereaved children and young people to express their feelings and understand their emotions
  • Provide opportunities to remember the person who has died
  • Provide education about bereavement
  • Help families talk more openly about their bereavement

BBC Children In Need Funding TV Segment

Nelson’s Journey were awarded funding from the BBC Children In Need’s small grants programme. This is quarterly funding which Children In Need have available to support charities such as Nelson’s Journey - where a relatively small sum of money can make a big difference for children and young people.

Along with the hugely positive impact the grant has had financially for Nelson’s Journey, the Norfolk-based charity have received masses of support and publicity as a result of working with BBC Children In Need; including mentions on BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra!

BBC Children in Need were so enthused about funding the app they decided run a special week long feature via the BBC iWonder portal focussing on child bereavement, helping to highlight the challenges faced by young people who experience the death of a significant person in their life.

Watch as members of the Nelson’s Journey Youth Panel who generated the idea for the ‘Smiles and Tears’ app take you on a walkthrough of its functioning and explain why it is so important.

Nelsons Journey


Nelsons Journey


  • Content Strategy
  • Mobile App Development
  • Web Design & Development

Campaign Team

  • Owen Melbourne
  • Victoria Lynskey
  • Shaun Wall