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A Bright New Face In Selesti HQ

Passers by our office might have noticed that we’ve been moving our desks about recently. No we’re not just having a spring clean, we’re in fact delighted to announce that we’ve been expanding our team to include a bright new face. Get used to the name Clare Britton - she’s made a home at your favourite digital agency.

Clare is joining us as a Digital Marketing Executive to help with the ever growing list of accounts we have gained in just the last couple of months! She has a wealth of experience from five years in the online marketing and PR industries, so has the expertise to help us deliver even more for our clients both old and new.

Having worked with charities (always a bonus for anyone wanting to work at Selesti), built up her own design consultancy, and implemented strategies across both the UK and Europe - it goes without saying that we’re excited to see what Clare can do for our customers. She just loves the digital industry as, in her own words, she gets ‘Paid to do something I genuinely enjoy, and no two days are ever the same’ - we couldn’t agree more.

Clare’s life doesn’t completely revolve around digital though, she’s got a very rounded set of hobbies that’ll help her to fit right into our eclectic office. Not only does she love music, enjoying a good song from a rock band or something more embarrassing (she won’t let us see her iTunes) whether they are in an arena or just her local pub, but she also enjoys seeing everything the world has to offer. Having travelled across a lot of the western hemisphere, she’s hoping to expand her horizons out east in the future - ‘cos East Anglia just doesn’t quite count as ‘far east’ apparently.

So whether you’re an existing client, or are looking for an expert team to look after your digital needs, do give us a shout and say hello to Clare! She might even have some tips on where to holiday next out west!

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