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Watch a hack day live: #Supercharged 3.0 – Day 2 of 2

9:30am: Briefing time


“Help me Team 3, you’re my only hope “

Carrying over from a successful first day, the teams gathered for a briefing on what we want to achieve today.

We’ve got our winning “Badges for Pets” idea and we want to pull it apart, scrutinise it, find flaws, bugs, potential problems and build a more robust plan.

To do this, we’ve reorganised the office into two teams:

Team 1:
Jamie, Seb, Victoria, Katy, Tom and Shaun.

Team 2:
Emily, Kate, Owen, Chris, Elliot and Clare

Again, we’ve tried to distribute varying specialisms and client knowledge fairly.

Building from the great questions we had in yesterday’s Q&A, such as: “Should we really be rewarding people for multiple orders? What about those with many pets that place less often but larger orders?” we want to take our initial idea and give everyone a chance to go back to the drawing board.

What did we learn from the other ideas? Is there anything we can do to incorporate some of the data collection from the PetPal app to improve this idea?

The original plan was to have both teams meet at 12-1 and discuss their ideas and improvements. This will allow everyone to produce a final spec to be worked on as one team.

We have also left the option open to keep 2 teams running and work on the tied Naked Kitchens “Tinder for Kitchens” concept, depending on the size of the final spec.

10:25am: Heated debates ensue

There was agreement yesterday that the original idea is good but we can see the benefits of having the humility to take a good idea right back to the drawing board. The volume in the office for the morning is pretty high as teams discuss the details of how the mechanics behind the system should work:

Supercharged discussion

Jamie and Seb loudly debate whether earned points should expire

12:00pm: Group review time

Having had just over 2 hours for the groups to separate and refine their ideas, it was time to bring them back together to see what we’d got.

Rather than have a “head to head” style presentation we took a more more relaxed approach. Each team took a turn to explain through the improvements and refinements they made and key points they wanted to add/remove were noted.

Supercharged Whiteboard

Regretting the decision to have a 6 year old write up the whiteboard notes

With the system based on earning reward-style points, some excellent additions were made:

Profile completion:
Much like LinkedIn’s “Your profile is X% complete”, users will be rewarded with points for all additional information they add to their profile about their pets. Having more pet information will allow Natures Menu to carefully tailor all communications on the site (when logged in) and outreach such as e-mail, based on data such as the pet type, breed and age.

Charity donations:
Users can opt to allocate their earned points to selected animal charities. This will in turn generate a cash amount that Natures Menu can commit to giving these charities.

Point partnerships:
Natures Menu can introduce partners as a way for customers to spend their points. Rather than applying them for free gifts or discounts on products, they can opt to ‘cash in’ points for introductory offers for other pet services such as vets or pet insurance.

To badge or not to badge:
With the team collected, we had our pooled knowledge of the client and had a lengthy debate about the pros and cons of social badge sharing in terms of ROI and the consideration if it fits well with the brand. A stalemate was reached that was eventually solved by picking up the phone and having a chat with the lovely people at Natures Menu.

1:00pm: Maverick, maybe Goose

With agreement reached on the final idea of what the system needs to do, we as a group decided it would be best to make two specific teams, putting our Magento development team together to build a final spec and timescales, a designer to pull those ideas into a reality and client services to wrap the idea into a presentable form.

The dream team of Jamie, Emily, Owen, Elliot and Clare were formed to complete this task.

Developer Owen had already suggested a ‘Maverick’ way to accomplish what we are trying to achieve, which he is convinced would be easier. After hearing his idea, Head of Web Development, Jamie described the idea as “More Goose than Maverick”.

goose idea

Is that you, Owen?

The remaining team were tasked with refining yesterday’s idea of “Tinder for Kitchens”. With only 2 members from the original pitch team, there was bound to be some fresh ideas into how we could form this idea into a solid plan.

2:15pm: Team 1 progress report

Checking in with Team 1 that’s working on the Nature’s Menu idea, developer Emily has been putting together the final specification for the project. With the changes being made, the current estimate is we have maybe added 50-75% onto the development time.

Elliot is working on some templates for the new pages that would need creating around the profile templates and e-mailers (sorry can’t post pictures of these yet, they’re top secret!)

Once again, Clare is working hard to put together a final pitch to contain and explain the idea properly and highlight any last minute issues.

2:45pm: Team 2 progress report

Team 2, consisting of Seb, Victoria, Kate, Katy, Chris and Shaun have been taking a second look at the Naked Kitchens’ “Tinder for Kitchens” idea.

Checking in with the team reveals they have been having a debate about whether the experience would best be delivered via a native phone app, or a web app.

Shaun points out in favour of the phone app, browsing could be done anywhere a little more easily with the ability to cache images locally to the phone. Seb makes an excellent argument that a big investment in a bespoke kitchen is something you would likely do with a partner, so you both want to be on a computer screen. This brings up the question, does the app need the ability to be able to collaborate or share mood boards created?


It was decided that with an API approach we could offer the same experience and give the user the freedom to choose the device they want to interact with. Shaun set to work planning out how these systems would interact and giving some outline that the Naked Kitchens technical team could work with.

Katy and Owen have been getting their hands dirty with Invision building a more full interactive experience, showing how the designs would fit together.

Supercharged Invision

Seb and Victoria have been using Prezi to put together a deck explaining the final concept.

5:00pm: Tools down, glasses up

Both teams have presented what they’ve got from the last two days.

Team 1 have finished with a well planned idea, a specification, design assets and presentation that we can take to Natures Menu to help them again understanding of their existing customers, drive loyalty and increase revenue as a result.

Team 2 have come up with a unique idea for Naked Kitchens’ customers to communicate their preferences, allowing them to build up a profile of designs they like. This gives the client a way to keep of a scrap book over the weeks of planning and gives consultants a way to get insight into what their clients want.

We’ve had a great couple of days working on some ideas and trying things our usual schedules wouldn’t allow.

The teams are compiling the presentation packs they have completed for all their ideas which will be distributed to the relevant clients next week for further discussion.

As it’s the last Friday off the month, we also need to go spend our tab at The Reindeer. See you soon, guys!

Selesti Team

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