Last month, four groups of students joined us in the Norwich studio for our creative take on the traditional hack day. Over the course of the session, each group researched and planned a digital campaign and pitched it to the rest of the studio.

“I was impressed but the amount of strategic knowledge the team had. This regarding to costs, audiences, tactics that could be used and related ideas when analyzing what's better for a client.”

Each group had already been working closely with a real brand as part of their course, and the day was dedicated to helping the students generate new ideas as to how digital marketing and development could help the brands realise their goals. We shared insider tips pitching, best practice, and kickstarting a brand online. Each group had a very different brand to work with — from a rapidly-expanding lifestyle brand to a cutting-edge graphene producer — and this led to some fantastic out-of-the-box, thinking-on-your-feet ideas from all teams.

“I loved the way all members of the Selesti staff interacted with us and were genuinely interested and willing to help.”

Each team of Brand Leaders was assigned a digital marketer and a web developer from the Selesti crew, and the Supercharged process began. It went something like this:

  • Fill up on pastries, muffins, fruit and yoghurt (because breakfast is the most important meal of the day)
  • Bring Selestians up to speed with the brands, their commercial challenges, target audiences and available resources
  • Discuss any ideas for a digital campaign that have been considered by team members prior to the Supercharged day
  • Agree on what's achievable to scope, research and flesh out within the session (it’s always better to deliver something simple and robust, than an elaborate, blue-sky but ultimately flaky idea that will be picked apart in the Q&A!)
  • Decide on division of labour (from researching stats and competitors, to estimating costs, to delivering the pitch)
  • Ten-minute presentation followed by Q&A and votes!

"I understand now the importance of carefully researching and supporting your planned activity with data and evidence.”

100% of respondents said they found the day helpful, and it was a real pleasure to learn about each project and share our knowledge with the students.

Want to book your own Supercharged day? Drop us an email or give us a call on 01603 760 767 to see how we can Supercharge your brand!