Mobile App Development

We create remarkable consumer focussed iphone, android, ipad and hybrid apps  for startups and household names alike.

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Our Services In A Nutshell

Brands & Charities

We help brands and charities create innovative mobile applications and user experience on iPhone, Android, iPad and web. From startup ideas that have blossomed to enterprise solutions for government backed agencies, we have a strong reputation for helping clients deliver extraordinary fingertip technology to their audiences.

Read the Nelson's Journey case study

The designers have grasped the look and feel that we wanted to achieve, it is young person friendly and clearly targeted at those users.

- Sophie Berry, Nelson's Journey

App and User Interface Design

We create engaging user experiences for the smaller screen. The initial concepts are shared via prototyping tools that enable collaboration with clients.

We plan carefully every user journey and process that will need to appear on the app, so that the interface has clear sign posts to make them intuitive to use.

Our consideration is to not clutter the screen, and ensure that we only offer the options that a user is likely to need at any step in the user path.

UX Consultancy and Auditing

Our talented team will review and make constructive suggestions on existing interfaces which may not currently be performing to their full potential. Whether there’s high abandonment, or poor conversion rate, we’ll balance our knowhow with data-driven recommendations to clean up the user experience.

Split testing is a great way to trial improvements, randomly serving half of your users with a different set of call to actions or forms, and seeing which gets you more profitable results.

Mobile App Prototyping

Key to realising a product idea is to see it working as quickly as possible. Using proven lean UX techniques and our investment in prototyping tools, we partner with you on a proof of concept before nailing down the final scope, saving lots of wasted hours.

We work using Agile or Waterfall project management processes based on the project and deadline and spend more time on UX and production than being bogged down in scope during those important, early stages.

Native iOS and Android

Every brief deserves the best tools for the job, and it’s important to consider the functionality you’ll need to bring you the best return on investment, and which technology will deliver that.

If your vision is to have deep integration with the device software like Siri or Health Kit, then native development is the way to go, using the latest Swift2 for iOS and Java for Android to ensure optimal performance and feature compatibility.

Beta testing your app for either Apple or Android is a cinch with Google Play and Apple Testflight, allowing you to sign off every aspect prior to submitting to the app stores for public distribution, or skip the queue and go direct with the official enterprise platforms for either B2B or internal distribution within your organisation.

Titanium iOS and Android

We aren’t solely focused on native apps, for some multi-platform applications a single code base might be the best option, allowing you to follow a “write once, run anywhere” approach.

Being able to get the performance of a native application into the different app stores with minimal changes between platforms by using systems like Appcelerator's Titanium. Unlike many slower systems like Phonegap, Titanium provides a native-like experience to your users no matter what device they are running it on.

Hybrid HTML5 iOS, Android, Windows, OSX and Web

The in-house team in our studio are well versed in multi-platform technology and love to constantly evolve their app armoury with new tools!

We’re constantly learning and training to find the quickest, smoothest, most profitable or creatively impressive way to produce a client brief. Thanks to the ever growing capabilities of HTML, Javascript and CSS it would be silly not to consider hybrid platforms produced by the teams at Google like AngularJS, Ionic and Apache Cordova.

You gain access to the vast array of capabilities of modern devices with the benefits of choosing to run your application online via the web browser, or to package it for global app store distribution.

Why Choose Selesti?

We’re not an apps factory, far from it. Every idea or project needs our full attention from start to finish, the personal touches, the supercharged thinking. Churning out cheap code and poor UX isn’t our style.

Our approach is to think about who we’re building the platform for, what will make it most profitable and how we will market it to your target audience before we’ve written a single line of code.

We throw everything we’ve got into the projects we take on, which is why we’re selective with how many projects the studio can manage to avoid diluting a great delivery.

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