increase in online revenue


more sessions via organic traffic


uplift in conversion rate

Return On Ad Spend increased from

384% to 420%

What JDP say

Testimonial - PPC from Selesti Ltd on Vimeo

Selesti has worked with us one on one, to really understand what each product was about, what it’s unique benefits are, and why our customers should choose us rather than the competition.

Selesti are a vital part of our business plans and business strategy, due their performance, improvements and the care that they give to us as a customer.

Tom Moore, JDP

Delivering a successful site migration

When we initially started working with JDP, they had a new website in the works, which necessitated moving their store to a separate subdomain as well as a wholesale revamp of the site’s content. 

We helped them prepare for the site relaunch with a full audit of their online presence, taking stock of their existing web assets. We then prepared a thorough SEO migration plan, including mapping redirects to new URLs to prevent traffic loss and benchmarking visibility to measure the success of our work. 

The result has been a smooth launch despite a far-reaching change to site structure and content, as well as a foundation for strong long-term growth for their online visibility and sales over the last year. 

After launch, we deployed improvements to the site’s structure and internal linking to help improve user experience and search visibility, as well as launching an outreach campaign to build new, valuable links to the site. 

As a result, search visibility has improved, leading to 39% more sessions via organic traffic over the last quarter compared to a year ago when the site was refreshed.

Leveraging the branch network

Once the site migration was complete, we set to work on growing JDP’s search visibility. With a large branch network across the UK - a key differentiator against many competitors - it was essential to leverage JDP’s bricks-and-mortar presence in online search. We achieved this with a focus on local SEO. 

First, we helped to evolve the on-site design and content for branch pages, ensuring they had all the information a customer might want to see. Next, we embarked on a local link-building campaign to ensure each branch had a strong online footprint on all major directories and local information sites. 

This also included building out the Google My Business pages for each branch, ensuring customers could find branch information directly in the search results. As a result of our work, over the last quarter, sessions across all branch pages are up 80.5%, helping to bridge the gap between online and offline. 

Growing online store revenue 

Aside from driving footfall to stores and orders over the phone, a key objective was to increase JDP’s online store sales. Alongside our SEO activity, we revamped the company’s paid search campaigns to improve profitability. JDP benefit from our Premier Partner status — getting an early heads up on new tools that are released out of beta, as well as unique access to Google's data and consultancy. 

All this has helped us to improve Return On Ad Spend from 384% to 420% when comparing the last quarter to the same period last year, alongside a 40% increase in revenue via Google Ads.