2020 Tech

The tech behind this new customer dashboard has a real 2020 feel about it, at it’s core it’s a PWA (Progressive Web App). Once added to a device the app can be used offline, gracefully limiting functionality where appropriate, allowing customers to access their policy information and Adrian Flux's contact details without an internet connection. The app's functionality and design are optimised for mobile and tablet devices with all functionality available across all platforms.

Our development team are well experienced with API integrations after 15 years of ecommerce builds. This bespoke API, designed by Selesti and developed by Adrian Flux’s in-house resource provides a secure, unified gateway to AF's numerous line of business applications. This API integration is designed to keep requests to the API to a minimum through careful use of client-side caching and validation.

Adrian Flux is made up of an army of sub brands, the customer portal we designed and build is currently in use by 12 of them, and thanks to the modern coding techniques and strength of the strategic planning, a new brand can be added in next to no time, given each audience a strongly branded user journey, and the feel of a bespoke tool that only they see.

Safe & Secure 

The PWA and API implement a number of security best practices including two factor authentication, detection of credentials that have been exposed in breaches, client risk analysis and server-side authentication rate limiting and lockout, and strict content security policies and HTTPS configurations. Both the PWA and API have been extensively audited by a third party. 

Customers can manage card payments, direct debit mandates and credit applications through the portal, each relying on a secure integration with a third party provider or gateway. 

Requested information - When requesting information from a prospective or current policy holder, AF are able to choose from 70 unique uploaders and forms covering a wide range of vehicle types, accessories and policy-holder information, and apply them on a per-policy basis. This is fundamental to supporting their ability to offer bespoke insurance policies.

Customer friendly functionality

One of the key areas to deliver value was, ironically, in the improvement of their existing ‘Agreed Value Process’. Adrian Flux specialise in providing cover for motorists who like to tinker and optimise their vehicles, adding valuable modifications to enhance performance.  Naturally whenever that happens their insurers need to reconsider the value & risk related to that policy and we helped them automate and streamline the maximum part of information exchange here. When requesting information prior to agreeing a vehicle value with a policyholder, AF are able to both personalise the information requested and, following submission, provide feedback to the user on areas that require amendments or further information. Then the essential human expertise steps in when the full picture is gained and a swift decision can be made.

Onboarding - AF are able to guide the user through a series of steps relevant to their needs to get them started when first using the portal. This has helped with change management and kept the support calls/live chat tickets regarding the new layout to an absolute minimum.

AF have the ability to add promotions at several points within the application, including dismissible full page banners following initial log-in. These can be set by date,  triggered on the bespoke calendar tool we created, enabling both AF marketing teams and their customers to manually add events and reminders, such as a policy renewal reminder, to a user's calendar, or share a seasonal, targeted & segmented product upsell.

A customer can access all of their correspondence in one place, including copies of policy documentation, letters, text messages and emails, and Adrian Flux can target customer inboxes with notifications and promotions.

Throughout the project Selesti have proven that they have the coding talent to back up their creative ideas. They played an important role in making sure the project was delivered in spite of the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Matt Wharton, Project Manager @ Adrian Flux


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