The results


increase in website visitors

Boosting traffic

Before we implemented the Health Hub, content was already being published according to the content strategy we put together for our client following the launch of their MVP site. Visibility and audience traffic was steadily growing, but we were hungry for more.  

We knew that consolidating new and existing content with a fresh design and user experience, would have huge benefits for the hospital and its patients by:

  • making it even easier for website visitors to find the content they’re looking for
  • improving organic SEO
  • attracting new audiences
  • enhancing opportunities for outreach and link building
  • increasing patient referrals

But although we were certain of success, we still needed to treat the project with care. Migrations of any kind can sometimes cause website traffic to drop, so it was important to make sure that didn’t happen. With some top of first page rankings in Google search results, our aim was to preserve this visibility too.

Therefore our goals were simple:

  • consolidate content into a single location that is easy to find and navigate
  • integrate the Health Hub experience with the existing powerful on-site search functionality
  • ensure there was no disruption to the live website
  • avoid any loss in traffic due to the content migration
  • avoid any content duplicates or errors where existing content would be moved/removed

How we did it

Our first step was to carry out an analysis of existing traffic and create benchmarks so that we could track performance and unearth key areas for improvement.

By collecting data from Google Analytics about how website visitors interacted with existing content, and mapping out the user journey, we were able to keep real users front of mind at all stages of the process. Predicting how website visitors are likely to behave has a huge influence over our design process, as it allows us to ensure a site is optimised for the people who will want to use it — delivering a user experience (UX) geared up for SEO success. 


It’s important to signpost important elements and help users navigate through content, so we designed the Health Hub with usability in mind. We also made sure that any new design elements complemented the site’s existing look to create a consistent user experience.

Building the Health Hub also gave us the chance to take a fresh look at structure and categorisation. We were also able to ensure that content was structured in a way that would help establish the hospital’s authority, primarily by building content clusters.

Author profiles and EAT

When it comes to authority, the greatest string in the hospital’s bow is the expertise of its consultants, specialist departments and staff, and the Hospital’s heritage. We had already created individual pages for each consultant that outlined their experience, specialties and medical interests, and with the Health Hub we were able to expand on this aspect of the site and link it all together.

We took the existing consultant pages and expanded them to include any Health Hub content to which they had contributed, while retaining the necessary existing information. This didn’t just add to their authority; it also boosts discoverability. Now a user can discover articles a consultant has reviewed and been featured in, or discover a consultant directly from any Health Hub article.

Together with the new structure and categorisation, this provided a huge boost to the hospital’s Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness (EAT), which is crucial for any healthcare provider, and the foundation upon which King Edward VII’s Hospital has built its success.

Lead capture elements

Although it’s a worthy goal in itself to provide useful information to website visitors, the ultimate goal for the hospital is to acquire new patients. As such, we enhanced the existing content with new lead capture elements, specifically giving visitors the option to receive new articles by email, which in turn gives the hospital further opportunities to turn website visitors into leads.

Early results

The newly-launched Health Hub delivered results almost immediately, boosting a number of articles to the first page of Google for a range of keywords. We were also pleased to see that organic traffic increased almost right away, increasing by 117% in just one week.

Although we’re pleased with the results the new Health Hub has delivered for King Edward VII’s Hospital, we’re not done yet. We’re always looking for new ways to deliver even greater results for our clients, so we’ve plenty more plans in the pipeline for them! If you’d like to know what kind of results we could bring to your organisation, get in touch with one of our team today!