The results

- 18% increase in organic traffic year on year
- 16.75% increase in users
- 21.26% increase in eCommerce conversion rates
- 23.31% uplift in transactions
- 13.29% increase in revenue, versus the previous year

The website now integrates with Funkin’s stock management system and delivers a better user experience for both B2B and B2C customers.

What Funkin say Testimonial - Ecommerce from Selesti Ltd on Vimeo.

The challenge

Funkin Cocktails wanted to update their existing Magento 1 site and build something that would integrate with their ERP system Greentree so they could better manage stock levels on-site.

Automated stock control and warehouse integration

We saved Funkin Cocktails a lot of time and money by addressing their convoluted stock control and order management process.

When their ERP system was taken offline for maintenance, any orders placed during this time had to be manually processed when it came back online.

So, we built a queuing system so that if the ERP went down (scheduled or unscheduled) the website will continue to take orders and automatically send all of the orders once its back up.

Funkin Cocktails were also having issues with orders were being passed to the ERP system, stock levels were not being updated to the website.

To solve this, we hooked up the stock control from the ERP to the website, which involved bespoke coding to manage their multiple warehouses across the world.

They also had products which didn't exist in the ERP available to purchase on the site. We coded a two-way sync between the website and ERP to ensure that all products on the site were also in the ERP.

This bepoke solution was born from our R&D activities at Selesti. The government introduced the R&D initiative to encourage companies to invest in innovative projects in science and technology to develop an advance in their field.

Content-led design

We took an agile, MVP approach to build and helped Funkin Cocktails prioritise functionality requests during scoping, so that core functionality would be live in time for their deadline.

Before mapping out the site, we conducted extensive research into buyer habits and search behaviour, using a range of tools including search data from Google and other providers.

This was coupled with a detailed analysis of Funkin Cocktails’ various customer personas, identifying their motivations, pain points, and objectives for buying cocktail ingredients online.

Our design team created mood boards, mapped out user journeys for both customer types, and created designs to refresh the look and feel, while also delivering UX improvements.

This research was critical to the success of the site. It meant we were able to map out the site structure in a way that best suited the main tasks that a user would need to accomplish, no matter where they were in the marketing funnel.

On-page content was also revised to better suit customers’ motives and objectives, matching our customer persona research.

Crucially, it allowed us to structure the site’s recipe finder and editorial content, amplifying the brand’s top-of-funnel visibility, driving brand awareness and product consideration to increase sales.

This innovative strategy has led to some substantial improvements in eCommerce performance.